“Gymnastics can come out stronger from this crisis, because it grabbed us ordered”

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In the midst of the quarantine that generates concern and forces the clubs to sharpen their wits to meet their financial obligations, and after the AFA Assembly that marked the new order for Argentine football, the head of mens sana, Gabriel Pellegrino, spoke hand in hand with hand with this newspaper:

– How does the club cope with parate due to the pandemic?

– Better than we thought when it started, we are complying with the salaries of the employees, which is the most important thing and with the obligations with the campus, something that allows us to carry out the quarantine in peace.

– When do you think that the doors of the club can begin to open gradually?

– We are anxiously waiting for the dispositions of the Health people, who are the ones who know and we are going to stick to what they say, for when activities where people gather are enabled. For now we are far away.

– Are the players’ salaries paid partially?

– The salaries of the players are paid in a high percentage and the rest will be settled when the situation is normalized. We found an excellent predisposition of the players. And as for the rest of the club’s employees, they receive all of their salaries.

– What was the payment of the contest fee?

– We are waiting for the return of the presentation that we made in the Justice asking for the postponement of the payment. In principle they will answer us tomorrow. If you have to pay it now, it will be done, otherwise, when the Justice tells us. We have part of the money from that fee already separated.

– Are you afraid that some income linked to fees to be charged for sales already made of players may be hindered?

– There is no fear, I think there may be some shift in the times, but they will comply, nobody is talking about not paying.

– How do the talks with Maradona come for the renewal?

– It comes in handy. We chatted with his representation last week and we will do it again these days. The idea is to get ahead of August and already agree on the upcoming contract. But it will depend on the new structure that the football budget has. We hope for a positive response. The idea is to renew until December 2021.

– From zero to one hundred, in what percentage does Maradona follow?

– I think there is a high percentage, the issue is neither the money nor the duration of the contract, but how we are all in health when it is time to return.

– Will there be a reduction in Diego’s contract?

– We are going to ask for it, in reality there will be a reduction in the entire budget of professional football.

– The Maradona effect could not be monetized: is it a pending account?

– The self-criticism is there, but experience marks us that in Argentina it is difficult for a club to repay a figure like Maradona. In this Argentina there is no market for such a figure, as there would be in other countries. Here are two clubs that could monetize a figure like Maradona, which are River and Boca, the rest are several steps down. There is material to do something with the Netflix people, but the continuity of a possible series could not be followed because the football parade grabbed us. The same thing happened with Diego’s move to La Plata. His house here is ready and furnished, but the quarantine caught us. When the activity returns, Maradona will live in La Plata.

– Specific cases of contract renewal: Licht, Mussis, Broun, Goltz, Mancilla and Agudelo: how do they negotiate?

– With Licht the idea is to renew him so that he retires in gymnastics. We have to talk to Mussis, to see if he agrees with our budget architecture. Goltz has already expressed his desire to stay, he said that he likes the club very much and we will talk with Broun in June. And with Agudelo and Mancilla it is necessary to hope that there are definitions in the return of soccer, to have certainty in the offer of possible new loans.

– How is the situation of the club’s women’s football?

– It will continue, without a doubt, we will manage to have the necessary resources. The girls are very integrated and Gymnastics stands out for having women’s football. As much as we have to tighten our budget, no sports activity will close, the club is with all its disciplines.

– How is the late payment of fees?

– We have a very high percentage of members a day, around 60 percent and that is a very pleasant surprise. Even many continue to pay the plus of the Sport fee, to support the disciplines.

– How will Gymnastics come out of this crisis?

– Well, you can come out stronger. It grabbed us moderately ordered, so we can have an optimistic view.

– Was the elimination of the descents a reason for celebration or just relief?

– It was a relief, not to celebrate, but a relief, because in part of that decision justice was done, because Gymnastics was one of the clubs that most complied with the financial Fair Play. Then you have to review the bad sports decisions we make to be in that place. But in terms of football, administration and accounting, it is not a club to be in the relegation zone.

– When can you turn around from football?

– For now they are all expressions of desire. There is talk of September or October, but there is nothing clear. Nothing is even spoken at any small table, today soccer is not a priority, health is in the country.

“We are going to ask Diego to reduce his contract. I understand that there will be no problems ”

Gabriel Pellegrino, On the continuity of the Ten



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