Gymnastics is the only pointer

There was an attitude from Lobo and also from a pointer. Was it played like a pointer would? Maybe not. There may have been a lack of association, cleanliness, order. But was it played like a Wolf would? That’s for sure. Gym went out to confront Arsenal with one thing very clear: a victory could put him first. And although he suffered and it cost him to generate danger, with fierceness and drive he managed to take a 2-0 that, for the equality of Atlético Tucumán against Talleres, left him pointer alone and fed the dream of the championship to the 21,000 souls that took over the Forest.

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That desire to win, moved, played against him. Gymnastics started the game to the outrages. As they say, looking for the second goal before scoring the first. His people did not help: after 20 minutes he began to come down from the stands “Come on, Wolf, come on!” who injected energy into the team and took away the coldness to finish the plays. Arsenal took advantage of it perfectly: following Madelón’s script, with a solid defense and 11 players attentive to the rival’s carelessness, it was much more dangerous than the local. The clearest, in fact, was the visit at the feet of Apaolaza, who was hand in hand with Rey and could not bill for Morales’ miraculous cut.

Gymnastics surprised Arsenal in the second half.  (photoshops)

Gymnastics surprised Arsenal in the second half. (photoshops)

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It is not that the idea of ​​Gymnastics has changed towards the second half, because more of the same was seen. But that push, this time, paid off: quickly, after two minutes, Ramón Sosa found himself with a ball that kept being bounced from here to there and he sent it to save with a right shoe. And right away, with the game even more out of control, Nicolás Colazo took a left-footed overshoot that bounced off Pittón and slipped into goalkeeper Medina. That was GELP: you win, a lot, which at some point translated into goals and points.

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Sosa celebrates Gimnasia's goal against Arsenal.  (Photoshops).

Sosa celebrates Gimnasia’s goal against Arsenal. (Photoshops).

Because the visit, which had played its cards in the best way, could not overcome two goals in 8 ‘. And the new striker, who was satisfied with two goals, did not want to play the game anymore. Banking without too much pressure from the rival and with an intelligent Pipo who moved the bench to refresh the team, the La Plata team won a victory that is worth a lot.

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How many? The candidacy for the championship. Firm this time. With eight dates to the end of this LPF Tournament, Gimnasia is the only leader: has 36 points, one more than Atlético Tucumán and Bocawho with his five victories in a row promises to put up a fight.

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There will be time to get off the cloud. For now, let the triperos celebrate, who dream of the second round of their team after the one in 1929.

Colazo scored the final 2-0.  (photoshops)

Colazo scored the final 2-0. (photoshops)

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