Gyurcsány envisions street fighting for 2022

“Our experts will prepare the political, public security and legal scenario if the change of power were not peaceful”

– stated Ferenc Gyurcsány in an interview with, noting that the change of government in itself has no criminal consequences, but after the change of government a number of things have to be looked at.

According to the President of DK

“There was a bridge occupation in 2002 as well, after 2006 our side must have lost one side, its naivety and good faith towards Fidesz. Scenarios are being prepared to maintain stability in this situation. A change of government alone has no criminal consequences. But a change of government. a number of things need to be looked at after the question. Is the question to be asked: is it true that there are also common law criminals among the politicians of the current ruling party?

the party leader said.

– If a political side identifies itself with its homeland, it embodies the legitimacy of action against the new power in the event of defeat. This has actually already happened, this is the biggest danger. It is a difficult question to answer what would happen in this situation. It is in the country’s interest for a peaceful transfer of power. At the same time, it is one of the cornerstones of democratic constitutionality. A part of the Fidesz camp has so far shown twice that it is very difficult to swallow the frog in the case outlined, he explained, and then discussed what the immediate economic steps of the new cabinet would be in the event of a change of government.

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According to Gyurcsány, a lot of things await them, but

“the quickest question to be answered is whether the channels for the leakage of public funds will be blocked and whether we will be able to regain at least control over the economic ages that came under the control of the princes and oligarchs of the NER.”

That power needs to be broken, ”he added.

Regarding left-wing pre-election, he finally remarked: the government side deals a lot with pre-election, trying to devalue, to provoke conflicts around it, but it doesn’t know if it’s because it fears it or because it shoots at everything that happens on the opposition side.

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