H-2 UTBK-SBMPTN 2020, This Test Equipment Must Be Prepared Page all

KOMPAS.com – The first day of the Computer-Based Writing Test (UTBK) Phase I only has 2 days left, which starts on July 5, 2020 until July 14, 2020.

According to data from the College Entrance Test Institute (LTMPT), as many as 703,875 prospective students will take the UTBK 2020. Where 579,069 will take the test in Phase 1 and 124,806 will participate in Phase 2.

In addition to academic preparation, there are a number of other equipment which must also be prepared and stored in special bags to be brought to the UTBK location later.

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Summarizing the University of Indonesia Twitter page, here are some things that need to be prepared and brought by UTBK 2020 participants:

Must be taken during the exam

1. UTBK 2020 Participant Card

2. Personal Identity Card (KTP / SIM / Student Card).

3. Photocopy of a certified diploma or Original Pass Certificate signed by the Principal and contains the names of students, NISN, NPSN schools, and recent student photos (last 3 months).

4. Stationery.

5. Hand sanitizer.

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It is recommended to be taken during the exam

1. Face shield and gloves.

2. Personal food and drinks.

3. Personal medicine.

4. Wet / dry tissue.

5. Personal worship equipment.

Clothing when the test

1. Dress politely and well.

2. Using shoes.

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Must be done during the exam

1. Always use a mask (medical mask or 2 layer cloth mask).

2. Maintain physical distance from other participants and avoid crowding.

3. Maintain cleanliness by washing hands / using a hand sanitizer.

Things that need to be considered

1. Ensure that the test location is as stated on the UTBK 2020 Participant Card.

2. Present at the test location 1 hour before the test begins.

3. Check the location of the exam virtually.

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4. The introduction can only drop participants at the point determined by the field officer. Introduction is not permitted in the examination area during the UTBK activities.


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