H1N1: 48 confirmed cases since the start of the year

Since the start of 2017, nearly 50 people have been infected with the H1N1 virus. But it is impossible to know the number of deaths.

This week, the Ministry of Health changed its tune regarding the H1N1 virus situation in Mauritius. On Friday, May 26, Dr Shahina Aboobakar assured the airwaves of Radio Plus that it was “inaccurate” to speak of deaths linked to the H1N1 flu in Mauritius. Yesterday, Dr Vasantrao Gujadhur, director of health services, revealed that 48 cases have been confirmed since January, including the two recently confirmed deaths. Seven patients are treated after contracting the H1N1 virus, three in hospital emergencies and four hospitalized.

During a function for the renewal of the agreement between the University of Mauritius (UoM) and the University of Bordeaux, Minister Anwar Husnoo said that Health has treated eleven cases in one week. Of these people, two died and two others were able to return home. For the rest: three are in intensive care and the other four are still hospitalized. “We have a stock of 20,000 vaccines and the ministry has ordered 20,000 more. Tamiflu, the most effective antiviral to fight this flu, is also available in large numbers: 37,000 doses are in stock. “Rather than denying the existence of H1N1, Minister Husnoo believes that we will have to get used to its presence:” We will have to learn to live with H1N1 which has been present since 2009. There are cases every year. You just have to take precautions. “

“From January to May 28, we tested 301 samples and detected 40 confirmed cases of H1N1,” explained Dr Gujadhur. From May 29 until yesterday, 77 more samples were analyzed and of these, eight tested positive. “That’s 48 cases in all,” confirms the doctor. Of those eight recent cases, two deaths have been recorded this week. What about the other 40 cases? “I can not tell you anything, I do not have the data, it would be necessary to verify”, answers the director of health services.

Another source from the ministry, contradicting Dr Gujadhur, told us: “There has probably been some confusion, because we know that there are only two deaths linked to the H1N1 flu this year. One of these patients is at Fortis Clinique Darné. The vaccination campaign continues with 1,898 people vaccinated yesterday.

Two cases at the École du Nord

In an email sent to parents yesterday, the École du Nord reported “two cases of Influenza A” reported in this establishment. The email reassures parents: “The school follows a protocol which consists in informing the families of the class concerned. Reinforced cleaning with specific disinfectant is carried out in the rooms ”.