Habits that aggravate acne click

Acne is one of the most troublesome skin problems. It mainly affects young people, but can also occur in adults. Find out what are the habits that aggravate the disease.

Skin aggression

The warm season is over, but the skin problems are only just beginning. These include acne rashes, which are the order of the day among young people who have been exposed to the sun, but also among adults who are experiencing late episodes of the disease.
“The sun dries the skin and apparently improves the appearance of acne-prone skin by leveling the color. At the same time, the heat and light intensify the secretion of sebum and its accumulation in the pores, with the accentuation of the acne rash after the summer season “, says the dermatologist Mihaela Leventer.
People with acne would do anything to get rid of pimples in a short time. And from desire to wrong maneuvers is sometimes just a step. Skin aggression, whimsical natural therapies, excessive makeup, all contribute to the aggravation of acne.

You do not follow the doctor’s treatment exactly

“Another common mistake is the lack of perseverance in the treatment recommended by the specialist, abandonment after a few days or weeks is often encountered.

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