A Hackensack woman makes the awareness of the rare hormone cancer, which suddenly demanded the death of her best friend in the summer.

In honor of the World NET (Neuroendocrine) Cancer Day on November 10 is Amanda Pizzimenti

start a website

and fundraiser for

Kerry snow

from Manalapan.

Snow succumbed to the disease at the age of 28 in August, two months after her diagnosis. All proceeds from the sale of Pizzimenti go into the

NET Cancer Research Foundation

in Snow's name.

Pizzimenti hopes to bring Snow's story closer to draw attention to NET cancer – and maybe even save someone else's life.

Snow began to experience health


in January 2017. All test results were inconclusive and the physicians attributed their symptoms to gluten intolerances and food sensitivities.

According to the International Neuroendocrine Cancer Alliance, most NET cancers are diagnosed at a later date if they have spread to other parts of the body. Until then, it is rare to find a cure.

That's how it was with Snow.

"When she was diagnosed in June, the cancer was incurable," said Pizzimenti, 28.

"It was so hard to see how she turned from such an active person to someone who had difficulty walking the hospital corridor."

Snow was a runner with a passion for travel. She would throw naked things in a bag and get on a plane that caught her interest, Pizzimenti remembers.

She never stopped smiling – and remained positive and optimistic as Krebs devastated her body.

"She never gave up hope," said Pizzimenti. "She made everyone smile, she sometimes had a bad day but was always there for her friends and family to comfort her.

"I'm trying to carry her name on, I know she wants that."


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