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Hackers detected a flaw in Zoom that violates privacy

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Zoom Messenger was the great winner of 2020. This application was downloaded massively, since the COVID-19 pandemic forced much of the world to telecommute. Now a group of hackers found one failure in the software, and Zoom you must correct it as soon as possible.

The discovery of the fault was within the framework of a contest called ‘Pwn2Own’, organized by the company ‘Zero Day Initiative’.

‘Pwn2Own’ the Hacker competition looking for the smallest flaw

The ‘Zero Moment’ is the name by which it is known when a vendor becomes aware of a vulnerability in a software. This is the name of the company that organizes the international contest (Zero Day Initiative), which proposes to look for flaws in different software.

In exchange for a cash prize, teams and cybersecurity professionals, known as hackers “Targets” look for flaws in some popular companies, trying to reinforce their security. Among the most important results found, one was a failure in Zoom.

Video conferencing software was one of the top vulnerabilities in the ‘Pwn2Own’ competition. The team of hackers who discovered the failure They are the Computest researchers.

The Zoom glitch they haven’t fixed yet and you should know

The team that participated in the competition demonstrated that it is possible to carry out a series of attacks, which produce three errors without the user causing it in any way. They managed to find the flaw in versions of Zoom from Windows and Mac.

As the bug was barely discovered by members of ZoomHow they are produced has yet to be published, for an obvious reason. The hackers they managed to introduce a code into the system, and violate it. For this action, the contest awarded them the sum of $ 200,000.

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Other software that were also compromised by cybersecurity experts were Windows 10 and Chrome. At Bill Gates’ company, competitors easily managed to introduce malware to the system, with the ability to control it.

While the failure Chrome, consisted of hack security browser. This is a Type Mismatch error, which, upon being discovered, has earned these hackers $ 100,000.

The competition continues through April 2021, and the hackers they score points as they bring down more and more powerful systems. In the meantime, Zoom must correct the failure, or consider hiring some of the Computest team members, to advise you.

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