Hackers to have embezzled thousands of euros from Wizink credit cards to cryptocurrencies – Business

The news was advanced by Jornal de Notícias (paid access) which reports that the pirates have diverted thousands of euros from credit cards to cryptocurrencies. According to the newspaper, in a few minutes users had their balance depleted, between 5,000 and 10,000 euros, which was transferred to cryptocurrency brokers.

Hackers will have resorted to phishing to obtain the personal data of injured users. Wizink assured the same source that there were no security breaches and that the operations were authenticated.

The newspaper cites quotes from two cases, one of which was alerted by SIBS to a strange movement on the card. That day he lost 4,918.45 euros.

Banco de Portugal will already be investigating the case and asks the injured parties to file a complaint, adding that the criminal matter will be referred to the police authorities. It also says that the financial entity, Wizink, must demonstrate that the transaction was authenticated.

Phishing is one of the most common attacks and Check Point reports that in the months of April and May it reached a peak in Portugal, having already increased 200% since January. The Annual Internal Security Report (RASI) also points to the increase in crimes related to the fraudulent use of credit cards.

A report by Feedzai, the technology that specializes in detecting financial crimes, indicates that the number of bank fraud attacks increased significantly in the first quarter of the year. The most common are online banking fraud has also increased, making up 93% of the total identified attempts.

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