Hackers withdrew assets worth $1.7 million from the crypto wallet of the head of DeFiance Capital :: RBC.Crypto

The founder of the crypto project lost 78 NFTs, as well as various tokens. Assets have already been transferred to Ethereum

CEO of cryptocurrency investment company DeFiance Capital informed about hacking your crypto wallet. In total, the victim lost 78 different NFTs from five collections, mostly from the Azuki series. In addition, the hacker stole 68 wETH tokens (the rate is equal to Ethereum), 4.3 thousand stkDYDX and 1.5 thousand LOOKS coins.

Non-fungible tokens were listed on the OpenSea marketplace. The attacker’s address currently holds 585 Ethereum worth $1.7 million, according to blockchain explorer Etherscan.

The CEO of the crypto project admitted that his mobile phone wallet was not secure enough. According to him, the use of a cold wallet would avoid financial losses.

Earlier, another hacker took advantage of a vulnerability in the smart contract of the Li Finance project and stole $600,000 worth of cryptocurrency from the wallets of 29 users. The funds of 25 wallets were refunded. However, they accounted for only $80,000 in cryptocurrency, or 13% of the total. Project leaders contacted the owners of the remaining addresses, who lost about $517,000, and offered them a compensation plan.

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