Hacking the Korean Exchange CoinRail could be responsible for the fall of the BTC today


Last moment We have recently been informed that the CoinRail exchange has been hacked, committing 30% of its assets. This is closely linked to the abrupt fall of Bitcoin which is below $ 6800 at the time of writing this news. While CoinRail does not figure as one of the Exhangers with more volumes of CoinMarketCap , his 90th position on the list tells us that he moves around $ 2.7 million dollars a day in volume. According to the report, a theft of $ 40 million in cryptocurrencies is reported. TechCrunch Most notably, the hackers obtained NPXS tokens worth $ 19.5 million that were issued by the ICO payment project of Pundi X. In addition, they obtained another $ 13.8 million from Aston X, an ICO project that builds a platform to decentralize documents, $ 5.8 million in tokens for Dent, an ICO for mobile data and more than $ 1.1 million for Tron, a highly publicized project originating in China. On the other hand, CoinRail has deactivated its website, placing the “Maintenance” legend, which we know usually appears when there are problems related to the hacking of an Exhanger. In the words of CoinRail they said. “At 15:00, the other bag, the developers are working hard to recover the total amount of stolen coins, such as Ferndix, Enfer and Aston, in cooperation with two thirds of the amount collected or recovered, as well as the cooperation of research and related institutions for the remaining coins. ” Source – CoinRail


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