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THE CITY: Renate Reinsve visited the world metropolis together with fellow actor Anders Danielsen Lie and director Joachim Trier during the New York Film Festival.

MANHATTAN (VG) Two years ago, she had almost given up her acting career, and wanted to become a carpenter. On Sunday, she and the Trier film team received standing ovations during the New York Film Festival.


– We were really moved, says Renate Reinsve about the New York audience’s reaction when the caption came on in the large cinema hall at Lincoln Center.

As one of 32 films, Trier’s “The World’s Worst Man” was shown at the New York Film Festival.

The film has already received wide international attention, and Reinsve brought home perhaps the most generous award of them all – best female actress – during Cannes Film Festival in July.

On Thursday last week, New York Times film critics singled out the drama comedy as one of their favorites during the festival.

– We are very happy that this film is represented, said the director of the New York Film Festival, Eugene Hernandez, on stage just before it was shown to the public. He also pointed out that the film was “one of the strongest”.

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Director Joachim Trier (left), actor Anders Danielsen Lie, actor Renate Reinsve and director of the New York Film Festival, Eugene Hernandez.

“The World’s Worst Man” does not have a Norwegian premiere until October 15, but in July VG rolled the film to a fiver, and the American website IndieWire has already predicted that Reinsve could end up with an Oscar nomination.

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– It is fantastic that there are so many who have faith. But it will really hit the US market for this to work. So far we know nothing, but that others cheer us on is more than enough, says Reinsve in his hotel room in New York.

ON THE RED RUNNER: Actor Anders Danielsen Lie (left), director Joachim Trier, actor Renate Reinsve, actor Herbert Nordrum and screenwriter Eskil Vogt stand together on the red carpet in Cannes.

– Had given up

She had actually intended to put her acting career on the shelf, and had the day before Trier called in 2019 – decided to retrain to become a carpenter.

But the phone call from the Norwegian director was to make her change her mind.

– I had given up my ambitions, but I really wondered what he wanted. I did not dare to hope for anything, but it was clear that he had an idea, and then there was nothing more to doubt.

PLAYING JULIE: Renate Reinsve plays «Julie» in Joachim Trier’s new feature film.

Reinsve plays the 30-year-old Oslo woman “Julie” in the search for her place in the world where the viewer gets to take part in various chapters in Julie’s life.

– She faces many choices, but in life you can never quite know if you have made a reflective choice before you see the consequences. Some say that Julie is problematic because she makes some choices that are difficult for others. Some choices are also made for her as time passes. But she is true to herself and the feelings she is in, she says.

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Trier calls “The World’s Worst Man” the last part of an “Oslo trilogy” which also includes “Reprise” (2006) and “Oslo, 31 August” (2011).

Reinsve is also in “Oslo, 31 August”, but only as a small supporting role and with a single line: “Now they’re waiting for us at Blue.”

OSLO: Recording of “The World’s Worst Man” at the Ekeberg restaurant with Anders Danielsen Lie, Joachim Trier and Renate Reinsve.

Trier: – Written to Renate

Reinsve must have made an impression with his Blue line, because on the stage in New York, Trier did not leave anything in between:

– The role was written for Renate.

– Never in any other way has a director asked me to let go of control in this way, Reinsve says about the declaration of trust.

– Joachim is so good with people and he judges no one. In the film, he will bring out the shame, grief, loneliness and woman’s sexuality as life is. It has to be real, and it’s liberating for me as an actor to play such a role. I also hope there are many who can recognize themselves.

Anders Danielsen Lie and Herbert Nordrum play the other leading roles in «The World’s Worst Man».

Actor colleague Danielsen Lie stated to VG after the award ceremony in Cannes that “this will be celebrated many times”.

– We are always excited about how the film will be received in new places, and it is clear we have to celebrate a little when we get such a fantastic reception as here in New York, Reinsve says.

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