Hadi’s forces advance in anguish and approach Sana’a

Hadi’s forces advance in anguish and approach Sana’a

The army managed
The Yemeni loyal to President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, from the control of the mountain range of Rayyan and mountains
In the Directorate of Nhm belonging to the province of Sana’a.

The news agency quoted
Yemeni “Saba” for the seventh official spokesman of the military region, Colonel Abdullah
Shandaki, saying that the battles against the group “Ansar Allah” Houthis resulted in the killing
More than 26 gunmen and dozens wounded, in addition to the destruction of three crews, two vehicles and a number of caliber,
And seized weapons and ammunition from the sites, which were under control.

For his part, he stressed
The governor of Sanaa, Abdelkawi Sharif, that the group “Ansar Allah” has been in decline continuously
In front of the advance of the army forces supported by the Arab Alliance.

Sharif pointed out
The tragic situation, which citizens live in Sana’a, stressing that they lack the most basic elements
Life, and suffer from denial of services and salaries due to the continuation of the war.

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