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Hail and tornadoes in tourist resort Halkidiki

A violent storm surprises thousands of tourists on the Greek peninsula of Halkidiki. The power goes out, trees topple over, garbage cans fly through the air. At least six people lose their lives.

A heavy storm with hailstorms and a tornado in northern Greece has cost at least six lives on Thursday night. According to authorities, more than 60 people were injured. The fire department spoke of stormy wind and heavy rainfall in the region. All deaths are tourists, reported the State Radio (ERT), citing civil defense and the police. Particularly affected by the storm was the peninsula Chalkidiki, popular with holidaymakers.

A woman from Romania and her daughter were reportedly killed by the demolished roof of a tavern. A falling tree also killed a Russian and his two-year-old son. A man from the Czech Republic, in turn, died in his motorhome, which was seized by storm squalls and repeatedly overturned. His wife succumbed to her injuries in a health center, as ERT reported with reference to civil defense.

"We have six people killed, and more than 60 people were injured by chairs, bricks, garbage cans, and other objects that flew around," Athanassios Kaltsas, head of the Moudania Health Center, said on television. "I have never experienced such strong winds," said Civil Defense Chief Charalambos Stergiadis, the same broadcaster.

Declared a state of emergency

The fire department had to move out more than 500 times to help people in need. The government called the emergency for the region. The authorities will only be able to draw a precise balance after dawn.

In Greece, high temperatures of up to 37 degrees Celsius had prevailed in recent days. On Wednesday evening, hailstorms with strong gusts of wind swept across the land. Especially the north was affected. In the region of Halkidiki, tens of thousands of mainly Eastern European tourists spend their holidays

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