Hail, heavy rain, gusts of wind: Thunderstorms move across large parts of Germany

Hail, heavy rain, squalls
Thunderstorms move across large parts of Germany

The sunny early summer weather takes a short break. In many places there are heavy showers, locally there is also lightning and thunder. In the east it starts regionally a little later, especially at night is uncomfortable.

The week starts with showers and thunderstorms in many places in Germany. Individual showers are already spreading from North Rhine-Westphalia to the Alps. In parts of Hesse, Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria, among other things, there is a risk of local strong thunderstorms from the morning. According to the RTL/ntv meteorologists, the showers and thunderstorms will become more numerous and intense in the afternoon. They reach the Elbe by evening. Only northeast of the Elbe will it stay friendly and dry until the evening. During the night, heavy showers and thunderstorms are also possible in Berlin and parts of Brandenburg.

A first wave of showers and thunderstorms weakens on the way from the south-west to the middle, but in the afternoon there are sometimes heavy showers and thunderstorms, especially from the west and from Emsland to the south, which in places are stormy with heavy rain or small-grain hail can fail. Stormy gusts are also possible.

From the north-east to Lusatia, on the other hand, it remains mostly friendly and dry during the day and the most sunshine comes together in the Berlin area. With a widespread 22 to 29 degrees, it will be warm in summer, only in the coastal area it will be cooler in some areas. Apart from thunderstorm gusts, the wind will be weak to moderate from the south to the east and turns west from the west to the south. During the night, from the northwest to the southeast, some heavy showers and thunderstorms are announced – locally with a risk of severe weather.

On Tuesday it will be variable to heavily cloudy with showers and thunderstorms, especially in a strip from the North Sea and Schleswig-Holstein to Saxony and over the central low mountain ranges. In the evening the situation calms down. In the meantime, however, it is getting nicer and dry again in the west with intermittent sunshine. In addition 18 to 23, in the southwest half 24 to 28 degrees. Thunderstorms threaten again in western Germany on Thursday.