Hailey Bieber is sued by clothing company for the name of her new line Rhode

Written in CELEBRITIES the 21/6/2022 · 17:08 hs

After leaving her health problems behind and supporting her husband, Justin Bieber, with his, Hailey Bieber he has not lost attention to his business. The model launched her new skin care line called Rhode a few days ago.

But after a little while, Hailey Bieber is facing a trademark infringement lawsuit filed by a fashion line with the same name. For this reason, they seek to bring the model to trial, since, as highlighted TMZshe and her business could seriously damage the work that the clothing company Rhode NYC, founded in 2013, has done to position its brand.

In addition, the company revealed that Hailey Bieber wanted to acquire the Rhode brand, but its owners, Purna Khatau and Phoebe Vickers, refused and that the model’s skincare line graphic closely resembles theirs.

For this reason, after beginning to experience the first confusions on social networks, where they are labeled but they are not their products, the clothing company is asking a judge to force Hailey Bieber’s company to stop using Rhode’s name.

For now, a source linked to the brand of Justin Bieber’s wife stated that she owns the trademark for skin care, which would be different from owning the one for clothes.

He also explained that the origin of the name of this line of skin products bears the legal name of the model: Hailey Rhode Bieber. The same one she wears on her Instagram account.

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