The Chavista leader God given hair on Wednesday rejected the accusation of "drug trafficker" made by the United States ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, to ensure that it lacks evidence.

"(Haley) does not present, like all his predecessors, not a single test, nor the slightest sign of proof," he said. Hair, president of the ruling Constituent Assembly that governs Venezuela, in his weekly program on the government television VTV.

On Monday, at a meeting of the United Nations Security Council, the US diplomat called to financially suffocate Nicolás Maduro's government and labeled Hair of "thief" and "drug trafficker".

"He is considered the second most powerful man in Venezuela (…) He is also a thief and a drug trafficker who uses his power to fill his pockets, "said Haley, who said that the leader was" directly "involved in drug trafficking, with shipments of narcotic drugs. Venezuela to the Dominican Republic and, from there, to Europe.

"Respect, please, from here in Venezuela we say: respect, gentlemen of the United States ", reacted Hair, who called Haley "arrogant."

"This lady is an example of arrogance and believes that disappearing Diosdado is over (the 'Bolivarian revolution'), disappearing Nicolás is over," he added.

The government of Maduro raises its habitual denunciations on a plot directed by the administration of Donald Trump against the agent chief executive, after "The New York Times" published on Saturday a report on meetings between officials of Washington and the Venezuelan military to discuss the possibility of a coup d'état.

"Do not be mistaken, imperialist gentlemen (…) If the coup plotters, if the imperialists, dared to break the rules of the game (…), you to the street, to the load, to the battle, to the total and radical revolution! "said Maduro on Tuesday addressing supporters at an event of the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV).

According to "The New York Times," US officials finally decided not to act.

Venezuela and the United States lack ambassadors since 2010. Relations have been strained since President Hugo Chávez came to power in 1999, who died in 2013.

Source: AFP



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