Hajtvaňoše, ratota, papcun, cikošky. Do you know Eastern dishes and specialties? (quiz)

Let’s take a look at the traditional cuisine.

Today we invite you on a gastronomic walk through eastern Slovakia.

How well do you know the traditional dishes of Spiš, Šariš, Zemplín, Abov, Gemer or Ruthenian cuisine?

Will you try to tantalize your taste buds a little and test your knowledge?

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We have selected ten dishes in which you will not find meat.

So good luck and bon appetit.


  1. 1. Čušpajz may not sound appealing, but it is tasty. It is about:

    1. stew
    2. mashed potatoes
  2. 2. Hajtvaňos are preparing …

  3. 3. Ratota is suitable for breakfast and tastes good to both young and old. It is:

    1. Semolina pudding
    2. fried rice
  4. 4. Hollows. Cabbage is the basis of this dish. But what is it?

    1. It is another name for stuffed cabbage leaves – pigeons
    2. It’s a cream soup with cabbage
  5. 5. Would you like some sweet snacks? They are:

    1. small apples
    2. potato dough cakes
  6. 6. Papcun was the food of the poor. And according to him, they are also calling residents of the village of Švábovce – Papcuňare. It is:

    1. soup with pasta
    2. dry with bryndza
  7. 7. When you are offered jelly on Zemplín, it will be:

    1. aspic specialty
    2. sour soup
  8. 8. Tartarka is an important part of Ruthenian and Zemplin cuisine. But fried cheese does not belong to her. What is hidden under this name?

  9. 9. In some Spiš villages, they can also serve you cikoški. On the plate you will see:

  10. 10. And at the end we serve Bosporus. It sounds like a strait between Europe and Asia, but even in this case it is a gastronomic specialty. Do you know her?

    1. breakfast porridge
    2. lentil soup

Did you know these dishes? Or did you learn something new?

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