Hala Sedky returns to the sea after an absence: Tani returns to my dear Habibie … video

Maryam Badr Al-Din wrote

Monday, 27 July 2020 09:19 AM

The artist Hala Sedky shared her audience with her video while swimming at sea, expressing her happiness for her return to him after a great period of absence due to the Corona virus, and commented on the video through her account, “Instagram” “She returned again after the absence of my beloved dear sea.”

The artist Hala Sedky shared with her followers a few days ago, enjoying standing on the beach, commenting: “Tayer, Hui, Tayer, on the enamel, going, oh, she tells the story of passion, and fascinates us, always, oh, the sea, you hide our secrets, and your age does not tell our secrets.”

Aura Sidky

The artist Hala Sedky, her fans and followers, tapped on Instagram earlier, as she published a picture of her from the events of the female police movie, which was shown in 1988 and co-starred with Dalal Abdel Aziz and Ilham Shaheen, in which she embodied the character “The Officer”, sending a message to the audience, saying : “Whoever does not write a sweet comment is obliged to make a record.”

The female police movie starring Ilham Shaheen, Hala Sedky, Dalal Abdel Aziz, Samira Mohsen, Ahmed Badir, Emad Rashad, Fathia Qandil, Shorouk and other artists, written and screened and written by Salama Hassan, Farouk Saeed, Saeed Muhammad Marzouq, directed by Abdel Alim Zaki .

The film revolves around three girls, “Fawzia, Samia and Nadia,” each dream of joining the Police College in order to emphasize the merit of women in that field. Graduation takes place and each of them joins a different department. So Fawzah “Ilham Shaheen” joins the General Investigation Department and investigates the issue of theft of antiquities, while Samia “Hala Sedky” joins the Passports Department and was surprised that one of the women traveled a lot and discovered that she was part of a large gang for drug smuggling, and the club “Dalal Abdel Aziz” joins the juvenile police and undertakes research in one of the juvenile children’s cases.


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