Haley said that the US is ready for new actions in the Syria

Haley said that the US is ready for new actions in the

01:00 03/13/2018 (updated: 01:05 13/03/2018 ) 12356 3 47 MOSCOW, March 12 (Itar-Tass) – RIA Novosti. The US authorities are ready for new actions on Syria, said the US permanent representative to the UN Nikki Haley.
In East Gut they found a workshop of militants for the manufacture of chemical munitions “We also warn any country that wants to impose its will through chemical attacks and unbearable suffering, especially on the Syrian regime: the United States is still ready to act if necessary.” This is not the path that we prefer, but it’s the way , which, as we have shown, we will choose, and we are ready to choose it again, “the American diplomat said. She noted that after the Khimataka in Khan-Sheikhun, the United States was “hit successfully by the Syrian airbase with which the country’s President Bashar Assad conducted his chemical attack,” because the UN Security Council “was unable to take action.”
US seeks to split Syria, Defense Ministry says Last spring, representatives of the Syrian opposition said that government forces used chemical weapons in Khan Sheikhun. Official Damascus rejected accusations, stressing that the entire chemical arsenal was taken out of the country under the control of the OPCW. The US authorities decided to strike a missile at the Syrian military base Shayrat. At the same time, Washington did not demonstrate evidence of Syrian military involvement in the chemical warfare. New draft resolution
Haley also spoke about the American draft resolution on the ceasefire in the region of Damascus and Eastern Guta. She expressed the view that the document would not allow Russia and Syria to strike electoral blows at those groups that Moscow and Damascus, according to her, are profitable to consider terrorist.
Putin called “fake” reports on the use of chemical weapons by the authorities of Syria “Over the past two weeks, the Russian and Syrian regime have been very busy labeling the” terrorist group “on every opposition group in East Gut,” the US diplomat noted. At the end of February, the UN Security Council adopted resolution 2401, which requires all parties to end the clashes and ensure a humanitarian break for at least 30 days throughout Syria. The cease-fire regime does not apply to military operations against the Islamic State *, Jebhat An-Nusra *, Al-Qaeda * and other individuals and organizations associated with these terrorist structures.
The reaction of Russia and Syria
Russia and the United States in the UN Security Council dispersed in assessing the attack in the east of Syria Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia, commenting on the new US draft resolution, said that the Syrian authorities have the right to carry out a counter-terrorist operation on the territory of the country. “The counterterrorist operation continued by the Syrian military does not contradict resolution 2401. The government of Syria has every right to seek the elimination of the threat to security for its citizens,” the Russian diplomat stated.
He also noted that the suburb of Damascus remains a hotbed of terrorists.
“It is precisely the ceaseless attempts by terrorists to disrupt the ceasefire and the maintenance of a tense situation in Syria, and of course the most tense region in this respect is the Eastern Guta,” Nebenzia added.
Nebenzia counted how many times Haley mentioned Russia in her speech A similar statement was also made by Syria’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Bashar Jaafari. He said that the official authorities in Syria have the full right to fight terrorism. The Syrian diplomat also noted that the government is engaged in the restoration of “everything that was destroyed by militants.” The words of Hayley were also commented on by Russian senator Alexei Pushkov. In his view, the statement of the US ambassador to the UN is the last attempt to save terrorists in Syria.
“Haley is in despair: so worried about the fate of the insurgents of An-Nusra * in East Gut that threatens with new US attacks on Syria.The latest attempts to save the remnants of US-sponsored terrorists in the struggle against Assad,” the MP wrote in a microblog in Twitter .

Terrorist organizations banned in Russia.
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