Half time at the first Kreis Offenbach Klimathon

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376 people have already registered / successfully completed 3,200 challenges

The “First District Offenbach Klimathon” has been running for three weeks. “It is time for a half-time review,” says District Administrator Oliver Quilling. “376 people have registered so far and have already successfully completed over 3,200 Challeges. This is a good result for the premiere, but it can still be improved. ”Until December 12, 2021, everyone who lives or works in the Offenbach district can still take part. Companies, clubs, associations and even groups of friends can form teams and thus participate together. Climate protection is an endurance sport and is most fun in a team.

Every marathon begins with a first step, just like the Klimathon.
Determining one’s personal private carbon footprint is the most popular challenge, followed by replacing purchased mineral water with tap water and using energy-saving dishes. In the first three weeks, the current participants together saved around 41.5 tons of CO2. Projected over a year – the prerequisite for this is that the participants permanently integrate the behavior of the challenge into their lifestyle – there are 721 tons of CO2. “These figures give us all an impression of what we can do with small changes in our everyday life,” said District Administrator Oliver Quilling.

The Klimathon is based on the “Klimakompass” app from the Munich company worldwatchers. Similar to city cycling, in which numerous municipalities have been participating for many years, the participants of the “First District Offenbach Climathon” can also try out in different teams over six weeks in different subject areas how climate protection works in everyday life. Potential savings in all areas of your personal private lifestyle can be discovered. You can also use the app to determine your own CO2 footprint.

During the 42-day campaign period, participants can use the app to select challenges that are of interest to them, implement them for at least a week as part of the climatons and document their successes in the app. Further information can be found at www.kreis-offenbach.de/klimathon.

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(Text: PM Kreis Offenbach)