Halle Bailey Enchants Audiences as the First Colored Disney Princess in The Little Mermaid

Halle Bailey became not only the first black Ariel, but also in the first colored disney princess, For this reason, he has faced endless conflicting opinions, among those who have applauded his interpretation and those who have rejected the franchise’s decision to change the original story.

Despite the controversy that has generated worldwide, the film was released a few days ago and has swept the box office and the spectators have given good references to leaving the rooms delighted with the work of Halle, who also fell in love with the quality of his voice.

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Disney’s new live action has not received the approval of a large part of the public.

Although she knew what would happen in every scene and second of the production, the protagonist of The little Mermaid He decided to go enjoy his movie and no one noticed.

The video of Halle Bailey in the cinema

Halle Bailey arrived at a movie theater covering her face with a mask and some glasses for which she managed to go unnoticed by not being recognized by anyone, even by those who were sitting next to her throughout the film.

The artist took the opportunity to show her emotion for the reception that the tape had by becoming number one worldwide.


can’t believe the little mermaid is the #1 movie in the world you guys!! went to the theatre to go see it last night 🥲😭🥰😇🤍

♬ Part of Your World – From “The Little Mermaid” – Halle

“I can’t believe The Little Mermaid is the #1 movie in the world! I went to the cinema to see it last night,” the actress wrote on her TikTok account along with her arrival at the cinema.

The little Mermaid managed to raise more than 130 million dollars in just the first weekend of its premiere, despite the figures, it is well below the reception that other Disney films have had, which is why detractors describe it as the worst premiere in several countries.

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Halle Bailey, the interpreter of The Little Mermaid
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The film that has faced strong racist criticism continues to grow at the box office.

The keys

  • Halle Bailey enjoyed The Little Mermaid at the movies and no one noticed.
  • The actress showed off her moment on her TikTok account.

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