Hallucinatory images of car on bridge raise questions (Leuven)

New images surfaced: car ends up on the roof after an accident on the bridge on the Vaart. © ROBtv

They are hallucinatory images: a small red family car that is stuck on a bridge in Leuven, which slowly turns upwards. The family in the car is terrified, until the car suddenly slides down and crashes. However, a bridge operator must keep an eye on things. How could this happen? “That is being investigated”, says NV De Vlaamse Waterweg.

Source: Own reporting

According to various witnesses, the red Nissan was allowed to drive onto the Marie Thumas Durieux Bridge in Leuven on Wednesday afternoon at 4.45 pm: the traffic light was green. But at the end of the bridge there are also traffic lights, and they were red. While the driver waited patiently on top of the bridge, the bell suddenly started ringing and the barriers went down. The signal that the bridge would go up.


Inside the car, the family – two researchers at Leuven University and their one and a half year old son – were terrified.

The driver, 33-year-old HY, was unable to leave the bridge due to the barriers. He would have got out to get the attention of the cameras on the bridge. But then he sat down in his car again. The car eventually ended up on its roof. Miraculously, none of the passengers were seriously injured.

bridge keeper

However, a bridge operator must keep an eye on the traffic. “He does his work from Kampenhout”, confirms Carolien Peelaerts of De Vlaamse Waterweg. The guard watches through CCTV footage. He also has to keep an eye on several bridges. The investigation by De Vlaamse Waterweg was not yet conclusive about the cause yesterday.(cel, tlg, tab)