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The institute has already sent a letter to the federation, stating that it must join INDES, at the latest, in November. If you don’t, there will be intervention.

It is not a threat or an ultimatum, but it is not a favor either: the National Sports Institute of El Salvador (INDES) sent a letter to the Salvadoran Football Federation, where he points out that time is running for him to join INDES, as established by the new General Sports Law.

This law has been in force in the country since February 25, and it establishes that each sports federation or association in the country has 6 months to join INDES from that date. But, in the midst of this countdown, the deadlines were suspended between March 14 and June 11, 2020, due to the health crisis in the country by COVID-19.

Therefore, those 90 days are out of the count of the six months, but also time continues to run and the message from the president of INDES, Yamil BukeleIt is clear: if Fesfut does not comply by November, the Institute will intervene in the Federation. Although this brings annoyance or even a suspension from FIFA for Salvadoran football.

The phrase:

“I would expect Hugo Carrillo to grab the wheel and start turning it towards INDES, looking for a harmonious consensus, for a happy ending; instead of taking the wheel and turning it to the opposite side, because there will be a crash, because I am going to enforce the law “

Yamil Bukele, president of Indes

If Fesfut does not meet this legal requirement, “by default, we as INDES, who must adhere to a General Sports Law, must act. This would come to an intervention to the Fesfut ”, insisted Bukele.

The holder of INDES He clarified that this point was discussed last February, when FIFA officials visited the country to review some irregularities that occurred in the last three elections of the federation (see boxes). On that occasion, Carrillo maintained that they would be respectful of the new law and that they would comply; But, “to date, we do not have the request or delivery of documents by Fesfut to begin the process of joining the institution,” Bukele said.

Once Fesfut complies and INDES already has it as an attached federation, this will allow the institute to have greater control and order in the work of soccer, Bukele said, although always with respect “because it is good that they are autonomous and can take their sports decisions, but they are not absolute ”.

Bukele used a referendum to strengthen his point: “In war warned, soldier does not die. Then I do not want to be blamed, because as president of the institution I would be breaking what the law requires. I have to enforce that Fesfut becomes attached to INDES ”.

Fans and journalists have criticized since last year that INDES did not intervene drastically at Fesfut, but Bukele explained that they did not act this way because they sought, and continue to seek, to avoid a possible suspension of soccer in El Salvador.

This suspension would have serious consequences for our football, including: national teams could not play in tournaments in the region, such as the Concacaf League (affected Alianza, FAS and Limeño); and the different national teams could not compete in qualifying rounds, such as the case of the Major for the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

For Bukele, the fans are divided into 50% and 50%: half of the fans ask for a state intervention at Fesfut, to bring order; and others would not see favorably all those sports consequences that such intervention would cause.

If this suspension occurs, Bukele is aware that, during the months or years that this punishment lasts, “we will have lost too many processes, athletes have been left out of it, coaches who cannot be certified, the First cannot participate in Central America We are not going to play off the different categories, it will be harmed. This is the reason why we did not want to act without first having due process, which is what we are currently carrying out. ”

Thus the panorama, the clock keeps ticking and the ball is on the Fesfut court, which must be assigned to INDES at the latest in November, to avoid a negative panorama for the king of sport in El Salvador.

The phrase:

“In war warned soldier does not die. Later I do not want to be blamed (on alleged intervention)”

Yamil Bukele, president of Indes

Several points to take into account:


Hugo Carrillo confirmed at the meeting with FIFA officials in February 2020 that there were irregularities in the last three elections (2010, 2014 and 2018), as members who did not have legal status voted (Second, Third and some Adfas). However, FIFA argued that no member of the federation protested or pointed out anything about these irregularities, and therefore gave the go-ahead for the current committee to remain in office. In addition, Carrillo and his Executive Committee worked to correct these irregularities and now all the members have their documentation in order before the Government.

Given this, INDES understands that, by endorsing FIFA itself as the highest international body in this sport, the issue remains as follows.


The Fesfut and the First Division can meet, design health protocols for the return of football and schedule calendars … but they will not be able to operate if they do not submit all this documentation to INDES beforehand, which will then have to technically review it and then submit it to the Ministry of Health, in search of the final guarantee. The head of INDES commented that they have had communication, because Hugo Carrillo managed to have food support for referees and beach soccer players, and also as Fesfut they even donated uniforms in the emergency due to rains. But they did not address the pandemic issue or the ascription.


FIFA will deliver 1.5 million dollars to Fesfut in the coming months. Today, Bukele said, as INDES have no control over how the federation can use those funds. “That is why we are extremely interested in fulfilling the affiliation of Fesfut to INDES, in order to be able to permanently audit,” he said, although always respecting the sports decisions of the soccer entity. He added that Fesfut has pending issues with the Interior, on balance sheet liquidation and accounting data from previous years. Be careful: the federation must have the endorsement of the Government so that it can renew its credentials. If not, it can no longer operate.


Bukele explained that as INDES they are promoting “that the members that do not have recognition in Fesfut begin to have it, that they have a voice and vote. We are talking about the women’s league, beach soccer, futsal; we are awaiting the association of players, coaches and referees. That there are new members is important, because that way there will be a better balance (in the decisions of the federation) ”when there is a general assembly. In fact, the same law indicates to the executive committee that it must work so that these sectors have formal representation as a structure, but to this day this has not happened.



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