Hama launches a new multi-socket with USB to improve connectivity at home

Following this line, Hama has explained that the new strip is “ideal for quickly charging several devices via USB at the same time, this multiple socket strip allows you to connect up to 4 electrical products through 1 grounded socket and 3 USB connections”, Hama explained.

Regarding its design, the device integrates two USB-A plugs for all devices that charge and work via USB. In addition, it incorporates a support at the top, where you can place the smartphone on top of the device to charge it easily, without hindrance and without worrying about the extension of the cable.

Safe and ultra-fast charging

As a strength, this device supports technology Power Delivery y Fast Charge, which offers ultra-fast charging, faster than with conventional charging technologies. And this is not all, it also integrates a set of intelligent chips for safe charging, which guarantees protection against overload, overvoltage and short circuit, thus avoiding incidents. Therefore, this chip automatically recognizes the connected devices and adapts each load to the needs of each product, carrying out an optimal and efficient process, which allows to protect the battery and prolong the useful life of the product. And this is not all, it has a compact plug adapter for more connection options to a single plug, and with greater touch protection to prevent accidental contact by children and pets.

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Price and availability

Finally, regarding its availability, the multiple power strip (Plug + 2xUSB-A+1xUSB-C “20W´´QC+PD White) is available by 19,99€.