Hamburg: “Pimmelgate” affair around Interior Senator Andy Grote

Hamburg. The dispute in the “Pimmelgate” affair about Hamburg’s Senator for the Interior Andy Grote is going into the next round: After the last several stickers with the slogan “Andy, you are so 1 dick” not far from the apartment of the SPD politician in the St. Pauli district of the Police had been removed, a meter-high poster with the same inscription was emblazoned on the outer wall of the Rote Flora on Saturday – but not for long.

As early as Sunday morning, the police overpainted the text allegedly made by activists of the left-wing autonomous cultural center in the Schanzenviertel in black, as a police spokesman confirmed. The poster was headed “Soko Wall and Color”.

Dispute over tweet

The dispute was triggered by a tweet sent to Grote in May on Twitter with the wording “You’re so 1 dick”. It came from the account of a fan bar not far from the FC St. Pauli Stadium in response to a tweet from Grote in which he described people as “ignorant” who celebrated in the Schanzenviertel despite Corona. At the beginning of the pandemic, Grote himself celebrated his renewed appointment to the Interior Senator in disregard of the Corona rules in a pub and, according to media reports, had to pay a fine of 1000 euros for this.

However, the matter only became a “pimmelgate” online when the public prosecutor’s office had the alleged author of the tweet’s apartment searched in September after Grote’s criminal complaint for insult. Thousands of people criticized the action on Twitter as completely disproportionate and excessive, with the resentment also related to the behavior of the police and prosecutors. The alleged author of the offensive tweet, however, received a lot of support.

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Since the beginning of October, strangers have been distributing almost 40 yellow stickers with the slogan “Andy, you are so 1 dick” in the vicinity of the Senator’s apartment on St. Pauli. The police also removed this on the one hand in order to avert danger, as there was a suspicion of insult, and on the other hand to preserve evidence, the police said. The police state security is investigating the matter against unknown persons.

For the CDU opposition in the Hamburg citizenship, Interior Senator Grote is becoming an ever greater burden for the Senate, but also for the police. “With his Corona party and the lack of insight that has persisted to this day, he has lost the integrity that is indispensable for the office of Interior Senator,” said the CDU interior expert Dennis Gladiator. The events around “Pimmelgate” are now only absurd. “Thousands of victims of hatred and agitation would wish if their advertisements were processed anywhere near as intensively,” said Gladiator, adding: “The standards here are completely insane.”