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Berend Grube (Hamburg Sea Devils). Photo: Lobeca / Marcus Kaben


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Lübeck – After the opening win against Frankfurt Galaxy, the Hamburg Sea Devils have the hype about the European League of Football (ELF) reinforced in the north. The winners of the 1st matchday last weekend had a day off. Some had time to visit their homes.

Lübeck’s Hamburg Sea Devils (from left): Ambroise Mati, Barry Maruschke and Salieu Cessay. Photo: Lobeca / Marcus Kaben

Ex-cougars see Lübeck’s home win

Ambrose Mati, who credited the first touchdown for the “Seeteufel” in the new ELF to his account, was at the home premiere of his former team Lübeck Cougars guest on Sunday. With him also some of his current Hamburg teammates. Quarterback Salieu Ceesay and the two defense backs Barry Maruschke and Berend Grube. They sat in the stands of the Buniamshof and saw the first win of the season for the “Mountain Lions”.

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Next: Barcelona

The focus was already on the next opponent. On Saturday the Sea Devils will join the Barcelona Dragons at. Grube said: “We had two light training sessions a week. Lots of theory to internalize the Barcelona offense. This week it will be more physical again. In terms of concept, Barcelona is different from Frankfurt. ”On top of that:“ I try at least to watch the highlights from the other games. You also know one or the other player, ”says the Hamburg Defense End.

“My only thought was to get to the quarterback”

Incidentally, Grube was the one who started Matis touchdown with a fumble. “I knew I was doing an inside stunt and my only thought was getting to the quarterback. I came through clean and it wasn’t until I got him down that I saw Ambroise grab the ball. I’m still behind but I already knew that he was through, ”the 29-year-old remembers the first points in the European League of Football.






Quarterback suspended for the remainder of the season

The league had its first scandal last weekend. Stuttgart Jacob Wright was banned for the rest of the season. The surge quarterback made a racial insult against a Frankfurt Galaxy player during the game. That was the result of conversations between Patrick Esume (Commissioner of the European League of Football) and those responsible for the two franchises, the players concerned and the referees on Monday.

Patrick Esume (Commissioner der European League of Football). Foto: Lobeca

Esume tough

“There is no doubt that this is what happened. We have therefore made the decision to proceed with all consistency and severity. We are sending a clear signal that there is no place in the European League of Football for racism or any form of discrimination and exclusion. That doesn’t correspond to the values ​​that we live in our league: Football means family and is there for everyone, ”says Esume.

Panthers with second victory

They also played. Wroclaw Panthers took their second win in their second game. The Poles defeated Leipzig Kings 54:28. Cologne Centurions won against Barcelona Dragons 40:12 and Stuttgart Surge lost to Frankfurt Galaxy 20:42.


North Team Sp. S U N Points Diff. %
1 Wrocław Panthers 2 2 0 0 109:67 42 100.0
2 Hamburg Sea Devils 1 1 0 0 17:15 2 100.0
3 Leipzig Kings 2 1 0 1 65:81 -16 50.0
4 Berlin Thunder 1 0 0 1 27:37 -10 0.0
south Team Sp. S U N Points Diff. %
1 Frankfurt Galaxy 2 1 0 1 57:37 20 50.0
2 Cologne Centurions 2 1 0 1 79:67 12 50.0
3 Stuttgart Surge 2 1 0 1 41:59 -18 50.0
4 Barcelona Dragons 2 0 0 2 29:61 -32 0.0