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Status: 05/16/2022 5:16 p.m

Hamburg’s companies complain about a lack of trainees. Politicians and business appealed on Monday to use the start of training in August. Compared to 2019, i.e. before the pandemic, the number of applicants is about a quarter lower.

There are around 5,300 job entrants in Hamburg – and they actually have good cards. Because there are 7,900 vacancies for apprenticeships. But young Hamburg talent and companies don’t really get along well.

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Rabe: “Also give the weaker a chance”

School Senator Ties Rabe (SPD) sees the vocational preparation in the schools well positioned. He sees companies as having a responsibility to give weaker school leavers a chance. “We need companies that open their doors and follow suit,” says Rabe.

Chances of being taken on after training are very high

What was neglected by the corona pandemic was getting to know each other through internships. Another problem: for many, studying is obviously much more attractive than training. And this despite the fact that, according to Sönke Fock from the Hamburg employment agency, the prospects are more uncertain. “Then some training, with a view to career and earning potential, is at least as attractive as studying the humanities, where the connection to work after studying is not always guaranteed,” said Fock NDR 90.3. However, the chances of being taken on after training are currently very good.

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