Hamilton wins the doubled F-1 race on the Mugello track


Hamilton has won 90 in his career, only one step behind the legendary Michael Schumacher’s record.

Hamilton started from the “pole-position”, but after the start he gave in to his teammate Valter Botas. The multi-pilot clash ended with the withdrawal of Max Bull (Red Bull) and previous stage winner Pierre Gasli (Alpha Tauri).

After the collision, a safety car went on the track, which returned to the pits, and at the end of the trip there was another accident involving several vehicles. After the accident, the race did not continue with four more cars, but the trip was stopped.

The pilots resumed the race from the start-finish line, taking the positions they were in before the red flags were hung. After the restart of the race, Hamilton overtook Botas in the second corner and regained the first position.

The next milestone was 13 laps before the finish, when Lens Strols (“Racing Point”) crashed due to a flat tire. The trip was interrupted for the second time, and the pilots later took off for the second time. When the race resumed for the second time, Daniel Rikjardo showed great reaction, overtaking Botas and climbing to second place. True, a few laps later the Australian lost his position and later dropped out of the top three.

The victory was celebrated by Hamilton, followed by Botass, and the third was Alexander Albon (“Red Bull”). Rickardo finished fourth, Serhio Peress (Racing Point) finished fifth, and Lendo Noriss (McLaren) finished first.

This was followed by Daniel Quyat (“Alpha Tauri”), eighth was Charles Clare (“Ferrari”), ninth was Kimi Reikenen (“Alfa Romeo”), and Sebastian Vettel (“Ferrari”) was last.

Significantly, the Tuscan Grand Prix Ferrari team had thousands of F-1s. In honor of this anniversary race, the safety cars were painted red.

Hamilton, who has accumulated 190 points in nine stages and is the overall leader, is convincingly facing his seventh title. Botass, who has 135 points, is third behind the court with almost two victories, Verstapen is third with 110 points, and Norris follows with 65 points.

A record number of races were planned this season (22), but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the organizers are now approving 17 stages.

Last season, Hamilton was crowned world champion, triumphing for the sixth time in his career and for the third time in a row.

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