Hancock leaves Britain’s health minister after a romantic distancing offense / Article

The UK has joined a new health minister following the resignation of former minister Matt Henkock on Saturday. He had to resign because the politician violated the rules of social distance introduced by the government he represented by kissing a colleague. This is not the first time that a senior British government official has been accused of violating pandemic restrictions.

Former UK Health Secretary Matt Henkock announced his resignation on Saturday night.

The British Health Minister is resigningUldis Ķezberis

The calls for him to resign came after the tabloid The Sun posted a CCTV video on its portal on Friday showing Hancock kissing his advisor, Gin Coladangelo.

The newspaper claims that the video was taken at the Ministry of Health on May 6, when restrictions on social distance were in force in Great Britain. Hancock regularly called on people to abide by these rules.

The resignation of the Minister of Health was demanded not only by the opposition parties, but also by several politicians of the Conservative Party he represented.

Henkock announced his resignation in a video message he posted on his profile on Twitter.

“I am aware of the enormous sacrifices made by all the people of this country. We who have adopted these rules must abide by them, so I have decided to step down. I would like to thank the people for their unimaginable sacrifices. I would like to thank everyone in the healthcare system, the social workers, the people involved in the vaccination program and everyone in this country for tackling the challenges we have been facing for the last 18 months, ”said Hancock.

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The office of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson later published Henkock’s resignation letter, in which the politician repeatedly apologized for violating the restrictions on social distance and apologized to his family for what had happened.

Henkock also stressed that he did not want his private life to distract the public from the task of overcoming the crisis caused by the coronavirus Covid-19.

Johnson announced that he had accepted Henkock’s resignation letter and praised the former health minister for his contribution to the fight against the dangerous virus.

Following Henkock’s resignation, opposition politicians said Johnson should have fired him, not waiting for the minister to resign.

Henkok, 42, has been the health minister since July 2018.

Johnson has appointed former Finance and Home Affairs Minister Jajid Javid as the new Minister of Health.

He thanked the social media for the honor and the opportunity to take the position of the Minister of Health at such an important moment.

Henkok is another high-ranking British official who lost his post after violating pandemic restrictions.

Dominic Caming, a former senior adviser to Prime Minister Johnson, was forced to resign after information came to light that he had measured 400 kilometers from his London property in the north of England several times last April. At the time, the country was under strict travel restrictions, leaving millions of Britons at home for weeks to reduce the risk of getting infected with Covid-19 and not infecting others.