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Handball European Championship: Germany is in the main round after beating Latvia


handball European Handball Championship

Germany is struggling to win against Latvia

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Handball EM: Latvia - Germany Handball EM: Latvia - Germany

Julius Kühn (left) threw Germany to victory against Latvia

Credit: dpa / Robert Michael

The German handball players win the decisive game against Latvia and qualify for the main round. The appearance against the second-class opponent gives little hope for the further course of the tournament.

HMain round reached, but little hope for the semi-finals: Germany's handball players with a lackluster 28:27 tremor win in the group final against Latvia averted the impending preliminary round loss at the European Championship with difficulty. Only the well-behaved Julius Kühn managed to convince with eight goals in Trondheim. For his eight goals, he only needed nine attempts. “We got away with a black eye. In the end it got very, very tight. But we were able to rock it over time, ”said Kühn.

After the 26:33 against defending champion Spain, the team of national coach Christian Prokop goes 0-2 points into the main round, where there will be a duel with Belarus on Thursday in Vienna. The next key game against Croatia is in the fight for the semi-finals two days later. The other two main round opponents will only be determined on Tuesday.

“It was our job to win. The situation was not easy. We were shown one or two deficits, but that's not surprising given the many injuries. It is important that we are one lap ahead, ”said Prokop.

For the first time in the tournament, Germany started with Johannes Bitter in goal. The 37-year-old oldie on the DHB team, who had already won the World Cup in 2007, was initially not a factor. The Latvians, who had previously clearly lost to Spain and the Netherlands, kept up well in the early stages and even managed a 6: 5 lead after twelve minutes.

Handball EM: Latvia - Germany

Christian Prokop celebrates the second win in the third group game at the European Championship

Credit: dpa / Robert Michael

However, the German team was not impressed by this. Bitter parried a seven meter at 6: 6, which gave him and the team a little more security. At 9: 6 (18th), the Prokop team had broken away a little for the first time, six minutes before the break the lead at 13: 8 had increased to five goals. Above all, Kühn scored from the second row as he wanted and underlined his value for the team.

"We found a lot of good solutions in the attack, and Jogi Bitter held a few good balls in the back," said team manager Oliver Roggisch at half-time. So it went on initially. At 24:17 (43.) the game seemed already decided, but then the fourth in the World Cup made a few minor mistakes in attack as in the games before. In addition, the cover was no longer stable, which allowed the Latvians to score three goals at 25:22 ten minutes before the end.

Prokop reacted with a break and swore his protégés again for the final sprint. In addition, Andreas Wolff moved between the posts for Bitter, who hardly got a ball in this phase.

Six minutes before the end of the season, things got really hot in double outnumber. The outsider used his numerical superiority and reduced to two goals. 40 seconds before the end, the completely out of step DHB team even threatened to give up the game at 28:27, but the Prokop team brought the narrow lead to the finish.

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