Germany rushes to the second World Cup victory!

Our handball boys finished Brazil 34:21, are now with two sovereign victories from the first two games at the top of Group A. That's how we imagined the start of the home World Cup!

The parades of Andreas Wolff (27) and the goals of captain Uwe Gensheimer (32) are outstanding! Wolff blocks a total of seven throws of the Brazilians (33 percent), left winger Gensheimer towered over with fabulous ten hits!

The German national team is immediately concentrated in the game. After only 15 minutes, she has created a seven-goal lead that defends her until half-time (15: 8).

A handball firework! The pace, attitude and charisma of the Germans are better than in the opening game against Korea (30:19). The team plays more passionately, makes fewer mistakes.

And the 13,500 spectators in Berlin go along! The players heat the fans again and again. They respond with continuous cheering, La Ola and standing ovations. The mood is even better than in the Korea game – a real home game atmosphere!

Team manager Oliver Roggisch (40) in the half time to ZDF: "The guys really give everything. We are outstanding in the defense and have an incredible Andi Wolff in the back. We picked up the scenery. "

This unsettles the Brazilians totally! It takes almost five minutes to the first goal of the South Americans, they afford simple step errors. In the 14th minute Chiuffa even throws a seven-meter over. Even national coach Christian Prokop (40) can not resist a small grin.

After Brazil's tight 22:24 defeat against the reigning world champion France, some experts warned the German team in front of the physically strong Brazilians. But in the end it was the expected victory. And what a!

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Photo: AFP

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Andreas Wolff (r.) Brought the Brazilians with his parades to despairPhoto: AFP

Because in the second half it goes on like this. The German players give full throttle, build their leadership more and more. Thanks to Gensheimer and Wolff Germany wins in the eleventh duel against Brazil for the tenth time. Only at the 2016 Olympics, there was a bankruptcy (30:33).

Our handball players recharge their confidence for their next assignment. And they are getting heavier! On Monday at 18 o'clock it goes against Russia, on Tuesday 20.30 o'clock follows then the crash against world champion France.

Then the World Cup really starts!



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