In 24 hours, the Blues have learned from their mistakes to avoid new cold sweats. Poussifs, with a huge air hole in the second half, Didier Dinart's men had hardly won the opening match on Friday against Brazil. Opposed to the Serbs this Saturday, the French team has responded well by winning widely, and with the way (32-21).

Yet, the first period looked like a copy-paste of the one facing Brazil. A blurry attack and some defensive mistakes. Other statistics showing the difficulty of the Tricolores to launch their match, they took the advantage in the 24th minute (10-9) against the Serbs, the 22nd the day before.

At the end of the first period, the French, still deprived of Nikola Karabatic only returned in the group this Saturday, accelerated to take three goals in advance (15-12). The same gap as in the opening match.

Solid defense, enhanced by a Gérard in form

Except that it is at this precise moment that everything changes with respect to Brazil. Victim of a huge offensive failure Friday, the Blues have not relaxed the pressure against the Serbs. Experts stacked the goals to take a consistent advantage (22-13, 40 '). But it is in defense that the doubles title holders were able to make the hole, thanks to parades Vincent Gerard.

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If the Serbs, tenacious and valiant, tried a close (23-17, 46 '), the French have put a boost to save a stressful end of the match. The France team joins Germany at the top of group A, with two wins in two matches. The next meeting will be held Monday, against the united Korea (20:30).

FRANCE – SERBIA: 32 – 21 (15-12)

La France : Remili (5 goals), Lagarde (2), Mem (3), Guigou (3), Mahé (4), Grébille (3), N'Guessan (2), Abalo (2), Sorhaindo, L. Karabatic (1) ), Fabregas (5), Claire, Dipanda, Gate (2). Entr. : Dinart.


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