A baggage handler was filmed, opened a suitcase on a luggage cart, and pinched the brand new speaker of a teenager from inside.

A passenger on a Ryanair flight from Ibiza to Madrid on Friday filmed the thief in action before alerting a flight attendant.

The speaker, who cost around 140 euros, belonged to a teenager who had traveled with his mother and had been given his birthday three days before.

The police confessed the man before returning the stolen item to his rightful owner.

The baggage handler, who is now in court and had only started work three days earlier, is said to have been released.

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Shots of his crime – published by the island newspaper Diario de Ibiza – showed him how he opened the suitcase on a luggage cart before rummaging around with one hand inside and then tucking the red speaker into his left pocket.

The material seemed to have been picked up on the asphalt next to the plane.

The incident occurred on Friday morning and reportedly caused the flight to be two and a half hours late.

The worker can put his hand in the suitcase (Photo: Diaro de Ibiza)
He then sees himself trying to hide the stolen loudspeaker in his pocket (Image: Diaro de Ibiza)

The woman who bought it for her son told Diario de Ibiza, "The police told me it was the third day the man worked at the airport and immediately returned the speaker.

"I was very thankful because I bought it for my son's birthday."

According to reports, the teenager and his mother have to travel back to Ibiza to testify in the man's trial, but they do not have to pay the travel expenses.

Additional coverage by Gerard Couzens.

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