The Egyptian artist Hani Shaker celebrated the engagement of his son Sherif from the young Nouran Hani Omar, the daughter of Major General Hani Omar, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank, in a family atmosphere confined to the presence of relatives of the bride without any Maazim from the technical center.

Hany Shaker 's Engagement

"My congratulations to my son Habiby Sharif Ali, my daughter, Nuran Hani Omar, the daughter of Major General Hani Omar, the deputy governor of the Central Bank, our Lord is happy and bless them, God willing," Hani Shaker said.

The engagement of the son of Hani Shaker is the second for him, after the young man celebrated his first engagement in 2014 from the young Hiba Hagras, inside the Four Seasons Hotel, amidst a large crowd of stars including Latifa, Ehab Tawfiq and others.

Criticism of the fiancé of Hani Shaker's son

The bride shone with a short white dress that drew a lot of criticism, complete with soft jewelry and a flowing hairstyle with a calm makeup, the most striking feature of which was her beauty.

The groom, Sharif Hani Shaker, was decorated with a formal suit and looked like a miniature version of his father, the handsome star, according to the comments of the followers.

Hani Shaker had another daughter named Dina, but died at a young age after suffering with cancer, and left two twin children are Magdi and property and sponsored by the Egyptian star sponsor.



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