Hannah Spearritt (S Club 7) was left homeless with her children

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If you grew up in the 1990s, you most certainly remember S Club 7. After stringing together hits, the group formed by Simon Fuller (the creator of the Spice Girls) even had its own television series. After years of success, the members of the group have gradually been removed from the spotlight. Hannah Spearritt is one of them. Now a mother, she confided that she had recently experienced very difficult months.

After having chained temporary accommodation, she even found herself homeless just before the end of the year celebrations. In question: the owner had decided to sell the premises. “He needed the money and the property sold very quickly. Suddenly we had two days to leave. What got us into trouble was that we didn’t have time to find other accommodation, ”she recalls in the columns of the Sun. “We had nowhere to go. »

Fortunately, Hannah Spearritt was able to count on the generosity of a friend who allowed her to find emergency accommodation in her office, with her companion and her two daughters aged 2 and 4. “For the children, living in these offices was quite fun, for me it was stressful. Especially with them. But hey, we do with it, ”she says.

The little family then left to live in the house of another friend who had been away. For now, they are still looking for permanent accommodation. On the professional side, they plan to open a café in London soon. If they have already found a room, it is currently occupied by all their personal belongings. The situation therefore remains complicated, but the former singer prefers to remain optimistic. “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger,” she puts it into perspective.

Hannah Spearritt also insisted on putting the dots on the i’s concerning the income of the members of the S Club 7. “People think that we must all be millionaires. Unfortunately, this is not the case”, she says, explaining that she was paid “only” 150,000 pounds a year at the height of her career… when the group was worth no less than 50 million.

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