Hannover Scorpions conquer first place with an assault run

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This puts the defending champion back in first place, followed by Halle, who had a very difficult time in Krefeld. Tilburg and Leipzig overtook the Indians, who picked up two defeats at the weekend, but also against teams that are among the top favorites. Hamburg pushed past Erfurt into midfield and in the end, as already indicated, Essen and above all Rostock surprised that they could finally take their first win of the season.

Tilburg Trappers – Hannover Indians 4:2 (2:0, 1:2, 1:0)

There was more in it for the Indians in this particular game. Especially because it was firstly the top game of today’s Nord game day and secondly because Indians contingent player Parker Bowles was employed in Tilburg two years ago and Trappers contingent player Brett Bulmer was still in the service of the Indians a year ago. There was more to it because when the score was 2: 3, from the perspective of the Indians, first Pape and Pohl, together with Hofland, squeezed into the penalty box and a short time later Mieszkowski joined them and Max Hermens promptly took advantage of this to make it 4: 2 became. This also meant that the chance to equalize was gone and Indians coach Lenny Soccio was deprived of his options. Before that, the Tilburg team made it 2-0 with a double strike through Reno de Hondt (10th) and Brett Bulmer (12th). In the 34th minute, Bulmer also scored 3-1, also outnumbered. For the Hanoverians, Joe Kiss (27th) and Niko Selivanov (34th) had scored 1: 2 and 2: 3 respectively.

Tore: 1:0 (09:19) Reno de Hondt, 2:0 (11:45) Brett Bulmer (Hermens), 2:1 (26:50) Joe Kiss (Mieszkowski 5-4), 3:1 (33 :23) Brett Bulmer (Hermens, Vogelaar), 3:2 (33:55) Niko Selivanov, 4:2 (54:44) Max Hermens (Vogelaar, Bulmer 5-3)

Black Dragons Erfurt – Crocodiles Hamburg 2:5 (1:3, 1:0, 0:2)

Again in front of just under 300 spectators, the Black Dragons received a lesson in effectiveness from their guests. Harrison Reed, who scored four goals and was the hero of the day with the Hamburgers, was particularly efficient. The best player at Erfurt was the Lithuanian international Arnoldas Bosas with two points.

Tore: 0: 1 (01:31) Sam Verelst (Reed, Domogalla), 1: 1 (13:56) Arnoldas Bosas (Wunderlich, Schüpping 5-4), 1: 2 (15:32) Harrison Reed (Verelst, Gauch), 1: 3 (18:05) Harrison Reed (Verelst, Domogalla), 2: 3 (27:59) Thomas Schmid (Bosas, Schümann), 2: 4 (43:22) Harrison Reed (Reimer, Östling 5 -4), 2: 5 (59:31) Harrison Reed (Schmitz, Domogalla).

Krefelder EV U23 – Saale Bulls Hall 3: 4 (0: 1, 2: 0, 1: 3)

That was three hard-fought points for the Bulls. Your hosts, the Krefeld U23, showed themselves to be equal over the full sixty minutes and only a small lack of concentration at the beginning of the third period cost the deserved reward, i.e. points. Outstanding in Halle was the first block with Joonas Niemelä, Patrick Schmid and Philipp Halbauer, who each scored two points. On the Krefeld side, one player each (Edwin Schitz, Luca Hauf and Brian Westerkamp) met from each of the three storm rows. The entertainment of the only 35 interested spectators was provided by Tom Schmitz from Krefeld and Maurice Becker from Halle, who picked up a pure fiver after a fight.

Tore: 0: 1 (16:22) Lukas Valasek (Schmid, Halbauer 5-4), 1: 1 (29:17) Edwin Schitz, 2: 1 (32:16) Brian Westerkamp (Nix), 2: 2 ( 40:45) Patrick Halbauer (Niemelä, Stas 5-4), 2: 3 (45:26) Sergei Stas (Hildebrand, Becker), 3: 3 (47:18) Luca Hauf (Onckels, Mahkovec), 3: 4 (48:49) Joonas Niemelä (Schmid, Grosse).

Hammer Eisbären – Icefighters Leipzig 1: 3 (1: 0, 0: 1, 0: 2)

The hammer are slowly but surely arriving in this year’s Oberliga Nord, but it’s not enough to embarrass the top teams. Tim Junge brought the Eisbären into the lead against Leipzig and only in the 36th minute did the Leipzigers equalize through Connor Hannon, also benefiting from a power play. The decision then in the 48th minute. The hammer Samuel Dotter afforded a gang check and because he then afforded a fight with Michael Burns, who brought both a fiver, Leipzig had an outnumbered game that Filip Stopinski used to make it 2-1. Only a minute later, Oliver Noack increased to 3: 1 and thus decided the match.

Tore: 1: 0 (17:01) Tim Junge (Trivellato, Maaßen), 1: 1 (35:24) Connor Hannon (Farrell, Riekkinen 5-4), 1: 2 (49:41) Filip Stopinski (Slanina, Heyter 5-4), 1: 3 (50:44) Oliver Noack (Riekkinen, Hannon).

Herner EV Miners – Mosquitoes Eat 2: 5 (1: 0, 0: 3, 1: 2)

And once again a derby ended with a surprise. Promoted Essen, a clear outsider before the encounter, showed a real exclamation point with a strong defensive performance, well implemented tactics and a strong goalkeeper Fabian Hegmann. After the first home win of the season on Friday, a threesome followed in a foreign country, even if it was only a tram length away. While at Herne only Dennis Swinnen knew how to please, at Essen Thomas Ziolkowski, Aaron MacLeod, Mitch Bruijsten and Marc Zajic got two points, Andre Huebscher even got three points. Another bad news for the HEV. In the 54th minute, Michel Ackers fought a fist fight and was then given a five plus playing time.

Tore: 1: 0 (11:22) Dennis Swinnen, 1: 1 (21:24) Andre Huebscher (Ziolkowski, Kreuzmann), 1: 2 (23:41) Aaron MacLeod (Zajic, Mannes), 1: 3 (26 : 46) Marc Zajic (MacLeod, Huebscher), 1: 4 (42:24) Enrico Saccomani (Luft, Bruijsten), 1: 5 (52:23) Mitch Bruijsten (Ziolkowski, Huebscher), 2: 5 (55:31 ) Tomi Wilenius (Swinnen, Moberg).

Rostock Piranhas – Herford EV 7: 5 (1: 0, 3: 2, 3: 3)

The encounter between the bottom of the table and the ninth from Herford turned into a peat festival. Particularly impressive among the piranhas were the trio Jonas Gerstung, Justin Maylan and August von Ungern-Sternberg, who together scored an incredible 15 points and could not be neutralized by the Herford defense. At Herford, only Ralf Rinke and Rustams Begovs could please, who both contributed three scorer points each. Surprisingly, Rostock’s keeper Lukas Schaffrath won the duel with Philip Lehr with a catch quota of 86.5 percent, who only got 78.6 percent.

Goals: 1: 0 (06:28) August von Ungern-Sternberg (Maylan, Gerstung), 2: 0 (21:08) Jonas Gerstung (Maylan, Balla), 2: 1 (24:34) Elvijs Biezais (4- 5), 3: 1 (26:06) Jonas Gerstung (Maylan, von Ungern-Sternberg 5-4), 3: 2 (28:35) Björn Bombis (Berezowskij, Pöpel), 4: 2 (33:26) Jonas Gerstung (Morgan, von Ungern-Sternberg), 4: 3 (44:04) Ralf Rinke (Begovs, Biezaijs), 5: 3 (44:43) Gianluca Balla (Maylan, von Ungern-Sternberg), 6: 3 (49 : 39) Jonas Gerstung (Maylan), 6: 4 (58:32) Rustavs Begoms (Rinke, Lehr 5-4), 6: 5 (59:31) Rustams Begovs (Rinke, garden), 7: 5 (59: 37) Lukas Koziol (Maylan ENG).

Hannover Scorpions – EG Diez-Limburg 9:2 (6:0, 1:1, 2:1)

The previous table runner-up and defending champion Hannover Scorpions defeated Limburg without any problems and thus ascended the throne in the north.

As against Halle, the Limburgs were faced with a fait accompli in the first twenty minutes. Then the Scorpions took back, managed the result and still would have made it almost double-digit again. The spoiler in this case was the Limburg goalkeeper Tim Stenger, who thwarted 54 of 63 attempts by the Scorpions and despite the nine goals conceded even managed to catch an excellent 94.7 percent rate. Ansgar Preuss, who was much less employed and who stood for the suspended Brett Jaeger, was able to look back on 92.9 percent in the end. Fabian Gensicke acted as a substitute keeper for the Scorpions. Strong with the hosts Tyler Gron, who was able to write five points and thus moved up to second place in the scorer statistics behind Joonas Niemelä from Halle. In third place, by the way, Mike Hammond and in seventh place, as the best league defender Jan Pietsch, who was able to collect 13 points. Kyle Brothers and Thomas Voronow met for the storm weak Limburg.

Tore: 1:0 (10:33) Mario Valery Trabucco (Pietsch, Heinrich 4-5), 2:0 (11:27) Jan Pietsch (Gron, Hammond), 3:0 (12:14) Patrick Klöpper (Hammond, Gron), 4:0 (12:49) Robin Just (Airich, Valery Trabucco), 5:0 (13:42) Louis Trattner (Knaub, Thomson), 6:0 (19:59) Jan Pietsch (Gron, Heinrich), 6:1 (26:42) Kyle Brothers (Lademann, Slaton), 7:1 (33:36) Thomas Supis (Knaub, Gron 5-4), 8:1 (49:03) Louis Trattner (Marek, Knaub), 8:2 (49:57) Thomas Voronow (Slaton, Patocka), 9:2 (59:03) Tyler Gron (Klöpper, Hammond).