Hannover Zoo mourns: Very rare animal dies – “We will miss it very much”

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Hannover. Sad news from the experienceZoo Hannover! A minor celebrity and extremely rare species had to be euthanized on Thursday.

The species is considered extinct, only a few specimens live in zoos.

Hanover Zoo: Barbary lioness Naima suddenly seems absent

We’re talking about the barber lioness Naima. She had to be euthanized after an operation.

The 13-year-old female lion did not recover from a severe herniated disc despite an immediate operation, the zoo announced on Thursday. The zoo veterinarians decided the day before to euthanize the lioness.

Naima was agile despite her age, she liked to fight with the young lion tomcat Basu. Two weeks ago, however, she suddenly seemed absent and did not move her hind legs properly.

The female lion has to undergo complicated procedures

The zoo vets suspected nerve damage and contacted the veterinary college – Naima was transferred there under anesthesia, as the zoo announced. The examination using magnetic resonance imaging showed a severe herniated disc in the middle of the lumbar vertebral segment.

“The MRI clearly showed that Naima’s intervertebral disc was pressing on the spinal cord and was responsible for the paralysis,” explained Professor Holger Volk, the director of the clinic for small animals.


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“We will miss her very much”

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The spinal canal was exposed in an operation lasting over three hours. The lioness was treated with painkillers and encouraged to eat with her favorite treats. Despite an initial improvement, Naima’s condition worsened and eventually became critical. “We then made the difficult decision together with the animal keepers to redeem the lioness,” said zoo veterinarian Viktor Molnár. “We had so hoped that Naima would make it – we will miss her very much.”

Barbary lion is thought to be extinct

In their North African homeland, Berber lions have been reported to have been extinct in the wild since the mid-20th century. Only a small population of the Panthera leo leo could survive in the Moroccan national zoo Rabat. With targeted offspring, the Berber lion is saved from extinction there. (dpa)



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