Hanover and Bremen: Several violations of corona requirements

During controls in Hanover and Bremen over the weekend, the police discovered a number of violations of the Corona requirements. In the city center of Hanover, the officials pointed out the mask requirement to around 600 passers-by, said a police spokeswoman on Sunday. The officers initiated administrative offense proceedings against around 65 people because they did not wear a mask. The police are also investigating five stand operators for lack of mouth and nose coverage. According to the police, however, most of the visitors to the Hanover Christmas markets behaved appropriately and in an exemplary manner.

In Bremen, too, the police and employees of the public order office checked restaurants and the Christmas market for corona violations at the weekend. The emergency services checked 34 restaurants and conducted educational discussions with more than 1000 people, the police in Bremen announced on Sunday. A bar in the city center was closed on Friday because there were violations of the 2G rule for guests and an employee violated the 3G rule. This bar was closed again on Saturday, as people who had not been vaccinated were there again and there was no hygiene concept.

The operator of a shisha bar also received a complaint for lack of proof of identity. For a discotheque there was neither an operating license nor a protection and hygiene concept, it was closed on Saturday. In total, the emergency services prepared 33 administrative offense reports and checked the vaccination status of around 750 people. According to the police, however, the majority of restaurant operators and guests in Bremen adhered to the guidelines.



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