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GIOVANNI ZARRELLA: For the first time as a solo performer in first place

Congratulations, GIOVANNI ZARRELLA! As a solo artist, he has never made it to number 1 in the German album charts – now the time has come. His second album with Italian hits has reached the top of the album charts. Even if GIOVANNI ZARRELLA knows what a first place feels like – with BRO’SIS he was already in place 1 in 2002, this solo success is certainly particularly great for him.

Fanbox certainly not insignificant for the success

NINO DE ANGELO can tell you a thing or two about how important it is to produce a fan box. His album didn’t crack “one” – he left it with the music and missed the top of the charts by a hair’s breadth. MAITE KELLY also opted for the fan box, and KATJA KRASAVICE cleverly added a sex doll to her album in the fan box – number 1 on the album charts was thanks for that. GIOVANNI ZARRELLA has now made it with his music and a pizza cutter – creativity is the key.

Laut.de awards a star …

One is inclined to say: “Everything done right!”. As always, the portal laut.de also awards a star for this hit production – this is usually the king’s award for commercial success. But it is also worthwhile for the portal: The GIOVANNI review is currently the second most widely read on the portal – congratulations on that too. – MAITE KELLY also got a star for her number one album. We keep our fingers crossed for BEN ZUCKER that he will also get his Laut.de star – obviously a good omen.

More details about the ZDF show

After GIOVANNI ZARRELLA recently gave the magazine SUPER TV first insights into the conception of his ZDF music show, he was now also happy to provide information to the Musikwoche.de portal. As a result, a “big music show” is planned – – with a wide selection of music. And now it comes: Pop, Schlager, international artists and more. The show is tailored to him as an entertainer and presenter. – That doesn’t sound like a hit focus, which would mean that the ZDF no longer has a regular classic hit show in its program (even the TV garden makes it “young” and doesn’t invite artists like GERALDINE OLIVIER).

Vision: Series of Italian-German albums

GIOVANNI also told the magazine that he was planning a whole series of Italian-German albums, that was his vision. He compared it with the cozy skirt principle, in which the fans look forward to new “food” every year. – This reminds us more of the MODERN TALKING approach: Metaphorically speaking, DIETER BOHLEN milked the cow for as long as it gave milk. Why not? The fans obviously like it, and whoever is successful is right.

Update: Press release from TELAMO

After we had reported the great success of GIOVANNI as the first portal to hit professionals, the record company is now following up with a statement:

After the sensational success of his triple gold debut album “La vita è bella”, Giovanni Zarrella conquered the top of the charts as a solo artist for the first time with his second album and went straight to number 1 on the official German album charts with “CIAO!”.

In addition, after an unbelievable 75 weeks in the top 100 of the charts, his debut long player “La vita è bella” still achieved an excellent 32nd place this week.

Giovanni Zarrella: “I’m a big Rocky Balboa fan and the stages of my life are actually somewhat similar to those of my hero. You fall, you get up. Then it goes a few steps forward and then many steps back. But it is important not to stand or lie down. No way. Thanks to everyone who built this dream and helped me keep it going. Grazie di cuore – thank you from the bottom of my heart! “

Ken Otremba, TELAMO managing director: “Congratulations to Giovanni for album # 1! What a great success story – 20 years after Bro’Sis the first 1 as a solo artist. After triple gold and second place with the debut, now the top of the table with the follow-up album. Only very few artists succeed in confirming such a mega-success and that is clear evidence that not only the concept, but above all the artist is well received by the audience! Congratulations also to Christian Geller, whose contribution to the success cannot be overestimated. Thanks also to Warner for a sensational sales job, to Starwatch for an incredible campaign, to Tanja, Birte, Christina and the entire Telamo / 221 team, to all media and retail partners – everyone did their best and made this success possible. Teamwork deluxe! “

Christian Geller: “I am incredibly proud of this number 1 and I indulge Giovanni the most! The greatest concept and the best-produced album is worth nothing without an artist who brings it into the world in such a great and credible way!

Sam Bittner (Vice President Music & Live Entertainment, Seven.One Starwatch): “Album 2, chart entry straight to 1! Giovanni shows once again how much enthusiasm his songs are. We look forward to a long and special journey together with everyone in the team. A great start! ”

After almost 20 years after his last number 1 with the band “Bro’Sis”, one of the biggest success stories of recent years began for Giovanni Zarrella with his pop hit solo debut in the summer of 2019: “La vita è bella” rose from 0 place in July 2019 2 of the official German album charts and the top 10 in Austria and Switzerland. With the gold edition of the debut, he succeeded in re-entering at # 2 in Germany in January 2020 – in total it was a total of 75 weeks in the German top 100.

For his second solo album “CIAO!”, Giovanni Zarrella also delves deeply into recent German music history and transmits selected pop and hit hits, all of the 43-year-old’s personal favorites, with great sensitivity and the know-how of his producer Christian Geller ( Thomas Anders & Florian Silbereisen, Eloy de Jong) into the language of his parents’ house.

In total, “CIAO!” Unites 12 brand new cover versions – from “In love, lost, forgotten, forgiven” (“BELLISSIMO”) to “He belongs to me” (“LEI È SOLO MIA”) and “Behind the horizon” (“DIETRO L’ORIZZONTE ”) to collaborations with Howard Carpendale“ CALL ME ”and“ CI SARAI (Somehow ”) with Pietro Lombardi. With the three original compositions “HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH”, “AMORE” and “FORZA RAGAZZI” Giovanni Zarrella presents another facet on his album.

The album “CIAO!” Was released on April 9th ​​on 221 Music.

Source record company information and photo: TELAMO

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