Happy Lawyer’s Day! 4 phrases to celebrate February 3

A lawyer is the person who is in charge of the legal defense in a trial, he is an expert lawyer in Law, who also advises, manages and mediates in different situations that his clients need. To commemorate his work, every February 3 International Lawyer’s Day.

The work of a lawyer is one of the most respected in Spain and the law schools throughout the territory are filled year after year with new applicants wanting to dedicate themselves to the legal profession. This university degree is one of the ones with the most job opportunities, thanks to its versatility and the wide range of sectors it covers, and it does not have bad employment rates.

Although to practice as a lawyer it is necessary to have completed the Law Degree, and if you want to opt for the Exam for Access to the Legal Profession convened by the Ministry of Justice, it is necessary to study an official master’s degree and be a member of the Bar Association.

This February 3, 2023, Lawyer’s Day, is praise the work of the lawyer as a professional who tries to achieve a fairer world. The lawyer is in charge of various functions and powers related to law, but which are linked to various areas such as labor, sports or business.

Each lawyer is dedicated to a specific area and, for this reason, there are different types of lawyersAmong the most common are: criminal lawyers, specialists in the Penal Code and in crimes; civil lawyers, dedicated to Civil Law and everything that happens in daily life; family lawyers, specialized in family rights; real estate lawyers, focused on real estate law; labor lawyers, who are civil lawyers specialized in the field of labor law; administrative lawyers, who deal with procedures related to the administration, serving both public entities and individuals, and commercial lawyers, focused on commercial law.

Likewise, there are other types of lawyers specializing in sectors such as sports, tax, intellectual property, the environment, transport, maritime or banking. Also other types of areas that, although they are not exclusive to the legal profession, a lawyer can also dedicate to them such as audits, human resources, administrative management or acting as a mediator, adviser, property administrator or legal translator.

He salary of a lawyer It varies a lot depending on the place of work of each lawyer and the years of experience they have, but on average, a junior lawyer in the private sector should charge more than 1,200 euros and earn more as the years go by. getting reputation. In the public sector, they can start at 3,000 euros and add little by little over time.

This International Day of the Lawyer is celebrated with conferences, talks and events around the world, although in some South American countries this date is commemorated at another time of the year, for example, in Peru, which is celebrated on April 2 or in Mexico, where July 12 is the day reserved for lawyers on the calendar.

To celebrate this February 3 and be able to congratulate lawyers, we show you 4 phrases dedicated especially to them.

“Lawyer is the only profession where the more there are, the more are needed” – Robert Lucky.

“Lawyers are the only people not punished for ignorance of the law” – Jeremiah Bentham.

“The good lawyer is the best salesman” – Janet Reno.

“A lawyer is a person who writes a document of 10,000 words and calls it a summary” – Franz Kafka.