Harassment of a stewardess, storm over Musk. Him: “The accusations? Politically motivated”

The situation is serious, but the translation from English also risks making it rather heavy. The “scoop” on the troubles of the billionaire Elon Musk for an alleged sexual harassment, anticipated by Business Insider, was in fact reported by the Italian media as follows: to a stewardess who worked “as a member” of the crew, Musk would have shown “the penis “; and here good taste would already suggest a salvific emergency landing. But no, he continues to fly high.

The mastiffs of Business Insider, entering into the deal, have in fact ascertained the details of the thorny affair. It was then discovered that the dirty Elon “him” would also “rub her leg against her (hers, hers, her ed) her leg, without the woman’s consent.” Sexual disturbed behavior (the crime dates back to 4 years ago) that cost the founder of the aerospace company SpaceX a stellar compensation, equal to 250 thousand dollars: the sum that the poor (now ex-poor) harassed hostess was convinced to accept, avoiding denouncing the disheartening performance at high altitudes.

In 2018 – provided that the information disclosed by the Business Insider hounds is not fake – Musk was perhaps the victim of a pathological “turbulence” with an erotic background, and this not only in the clouds aboard his Gulfstream G650ER, but also when he was feet planted on the ground: a “stable” position which, however, did not prevent Tesla’s dominus from losing his mind “by offering the hostess a horse as a gift in exchange for an intimate massage”. All in front of witnesses, whom the flight attendant in Elon’s sights would have threatened to take to court in the event of “no financial agreement”; and we know that in the United States, on this point, they are picky.

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To confirm the Boccaccio story there would also be recordings and emails that Business Insider claims to have “viewed”. A detail to think about (so to speak): it seems that the flight attendant so dear to Elon “confided to her friend that, after accepting the job, she was encouraged to take the license as a masseuse just to give massages to Musk ».

The scene that followed would look good in an 80s sexy comedy, with Musk in Renzo Montagnani version and Edwige Fenech, the hostess of the scandal in format: “When I arrived I saw Musk completely naked except for a sheet that covered the lower half of his body. During the massage he showed me his genitals and touched me »; and then continue the advances once they reach their destination: “he offered me a horse as a gift if I had done more, clearly referring to sexual acts”.

At this point the hostess, evidently disinterested in equine gifts, would have limited herself to the “normal massage”, without accepting offers of “extras”. A denial to which Musk would have reacted before her “by changing the woman all the shifts” then “firing her on the spot”. In short, professionally clipping her wings: a rather penalizing circumstance for a flight attendant. The fact is that the hostess-masseuse has decided to go on the counterattack, relying on a lawyer who has obtained the beautiful sum of 250 thousand dollars for her client.

Meanwhile, Musk called the Business Insider article “politically motivated.” By announcing that he will no longer vote for Democrats, but for Republicans. Sexually speaking, Trump is a guarantee.

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