Hard economic fall of the Slav. Two clubs earned more in the extra league – Extraliga – Hockey – Sport

It has been exactly 10 years since Slovan Bratislava decided to say goodbye to the Slovak extra league and headed to the transnational Kontinental Hockey League.

Photo: TASR, Henrich Mišovič

The income of Slovak hockey clubs was significantly disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic.

The sales of the most famous Slovak club, especially in the first years of its performance in the KHL, reached the threshold of ten million euros and in 2016 it was even exceeded.

However, economic problems hit Slovan and he struggled with high debts for several years. Currently, the Bratislava team has started its third season in the extra league since returning from the KHL. And his income, compared to the successful era in the international competition, fell sevenfold.

According to FinStat data for last year, HC Slovan is not even the only Slovak unit in this comparison. Which two teams earned more and by how much?

You will find out in the following ranking of the best-earning clubs for last year. It does not include Michalovce and Spišská Nová Ves, as they are non-profit organizations and their accounting data are not public.

10. MHk 32 Liptovský Mikuláš: 568,850 euros...

9. HC MIKRON Nové Zámky: 640,681 euros...

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