hard work in the gym to convince Sarri

Luis Alberto paws. The Spanish midfielder is training in view of the resumption of preparation for Auronzo di Cadrore. His goal is to be ready and convinced Sarri to entrust him with the keys to the midfield. Last year the Spaniard did not start on the right foot, arriving late at the start of the retreat. This season (market permitting) wants to start in a completely different way.

Luis Alberto, 5 goals and 11 assists

On social media the Spaniard has shown a photo while he was busy working out in the gym. He wants to polish himself and immediately stand out. His first season under the leadership of Sarri was marked by ups and downs. The number ten alternated good performances (five goals and eleven assists in the league), with some breaks. Now he doesn’t want to make mistakes anymore and get started on the right foot right away.