Hardly any appointment requests: Novavax vaccination boom is missing

Hardly any appointment requests
Novavax vaccination boom is missing

With the approval of the new vaccine from the US manufacturer Novavax, hope is growing that the vaccination campaign will pick up speed again. However, the German Association of General Practitioners reports only isolated inquiries.

The German Association of General Practitioners is skeptical about the hope of a vaccination boom from the new vaccine from the US manufacturer Novavax. “In the practices, there have so far only been isolated inquiries from patients about the Novavax vaccine,” said the chairman Ulrich Weigeldt of the editorial network Germany.

“According to the current status, it is at least questionable whether the new vaccine will lead to a significant increase in vaccination rates.” General practitioners’ practices currently only receive very few appointment requests for a vaccination specifically with Novavax. “Of course, anyone who has not been vaccinated so far is difficult to convince,” said the head of the association. “It’s obvious that a different way of addressing these people is needed.” The current communication campaign with the well-known slogans does not reach them.

The federal government hopes that the drug Nuvaxovid will give new impetus to the vaccination campaign in Germany. It was approved as the fifth corona vaccine in the EU – for people aged 18 and over. Two doses are injected about three weeks apart.

Prioritization unnecessary

The first federal states began administering the preparation at the weekend. According to the General Practitioners Association, the new vaccine has not yet been delivered to the practices. The state health ministers had spoken out in favor of initially offering the vaccine primarily to unvaccinated health care workers. Because in the industry, a facility-related vaccination requirement will take effect from March 15th. The vaccine was injected at the weekend, but also to people who were not prioritized.

It’s a protein vaccine, so it’s based on a different technology than the most commonly used mRNA preparations from Pfizer and Moderna, which some people have concerns about.