Harmony is followed by bitterness: WM 2018: The Sandro Wagner drama in six acts

Harmony is followed by bitterness: WM 2018: The Sandro Wagner drama in six acts

December 2016: Sandro Wagner has arrived in the Bundesliga. After 14 goals for Bundesliga starter Darmstadt, the 1.94-meter giant is now running for Hoffenheim – and continues to hit. Wagner announces in the “Bild” newspaper: “I am in my eyes for some time by far the best German striker.” The national coach has not yet reported to him. “He is open and honest” May 2017: Löw presents his squad for the Confed Cup – Wagner is there. The national coach praises: “He brings a very different note into play.” He continues: “He is open, honest and direct. With such characters we have no problems . ” June 2017: Wagner wears the eagle on his chest, is filled with pride. After three goals in the World Cup qualifier against San Marino, the striker raves in a TV interview: “This is the beginning of a love affair.” Together Löw and Wagner get the title at the Confed Cup. November 2017: 5 goals in 3 qualifying matches for the DFB team. Wagner feels well in the circle of Germany’s best. About the national coach, he says in an interview with the “TZ”: “He likes me regardless of football as a type, because he likes it, if someone has his opinion and can properly represent the DFB wants to change anyone here I’m very thankful. ” “I would recommend it to him” March 2018: Wagner is now Bayern striker. The championship is just a matter of form, he still dreams of the Champions League title. Whether Löw has to take him for the world title, asks the “image”. Wagner, the careless man, jokes: “I would unselfishly recommend it to him ….” May 15, 2018: Löw announces: Wagner does not go to the World Cup, Freiburg’s Nils Petersen – even without a single international match – should instead become the secret weapon at the World Cup. A day later, Wagner throws out and announces: “For me it is clear that I do not seem to fit in with my way of being always open, honest and direct, things with the coaching team.” The “love relationship” Wagner talked about – it’s over. Video: Wagner attacks Löw and resigns from national team

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