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Harrison Ford: He says who should be the next "Indy"

Who will take on the role of the world's most legendary archeologist? In addition, Indy actor Harrison Ford (76, "The Awakening of Power") has a very unique opinion. In a television interview with the US broadcaster NBC, Ford was asked on Thursday for a possible successor to the role. And Ford answered, as only Ford can answer.

"No one's going to play Indiana Jones, do you get it? I'm Indiana Jones, when I'm no more, he's not going to be anymore, it's that simple." To do this, Ford leaned forward in his chair and grabbed moderator Craig Melvin (40) by the shoulder. He could hardly keep from laughing.

But that's not all. Ford turned to Chris Pratt (who he mistreated with Chris Pine, 38) at the NBC studio and laughingly said, "This is a nasty way to bring this message to Chris Pine. Sorry, man." In the past there had been several rumors that Chris Pratt (39) was interested in the iconic role.

Ford is currently working with director Steven Spielberg (72, "Ready Player One") on a fifth installment of the Indiana Jones series. The film does not have a name yet, but should be released in July 2021 in the cinemas.


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