Entertainment Harry, Meghan twice after a royal crisis summit

Harry, Meghan twice after a royal crisis summit


London (AFP) – Prince Harry and his wife Meghan had a new criticism on Tuesday after an emergency emergency meeting to discuss their withdrawal from frontline royal duties.

British newspapers urged over a Monday meeting, when Queen Elizabeth II agreed to share their time between Canada and the UK.

"It only means one thing – Harry and Meghan won!" The royal commentator Philip Dampier wrote in the Daily Express. “They held a gun mentally with her head and brought it in.” T

The editor of The Sun tabloid said: "The main thing our Queen creates is the surrender of petals, the selfish demands of Harry and Meghan.

"These two have raised the bar for arrogant, arrogant entitlement."

The Daily Mirror said that the monarch had been "uncomfortable" on the way Harry and Meghan had treated her disrespectively.

The Daily Telegraph asked the decision "The reluctant Queen to say goodbye".

But the final decisions on the future of the couple will be discussed in the coming days.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson told BBC TV that he was "completely confident that they have to resolve this".

The Duke and Bank of Sussex announced last week that they were going back as a senior gravestone and wanted financial independence from the monarchy.

The two, with the child Archie, have become increasingly unhappy over the life of the public.

– 'Complex Matters'; –

Queen Elizabeth, 93, summoned her eldest and eldest son Prince Charles and his two sons, Prince William and Harry, on Monday's Sandringham estate in England.

Meghan returned to Canada after returning to Britain last week.

In a rare personal statement, the monarch said the talks were "very helpful" but they acknowledged Sussexes' decision was not as she would want.

"My family and I are fully supportive of Harry's and Meghan's desire to create a new life," she said.

"While we would prefer to remain full-time members of the royal family, we respect and understand that they still want to live a more independent life as a family and a valuable part of my family."

The queen said that the Sussexes made clear that they did not want to rely on public funds, and agreed a “transition period” in which they spend time in Canada and Britain.

"These are complex issues for my family to prepare, and there is more work to be done, but I have asked for final decisions to be made in the coming days," said sovereignty.

– Racism the blame? –

Harry, 35, is the sixth line on the chair behind Charles, William, 37 years of age, and three young children of his brother.

Meghan, 38, an American who created her own active television career, was considered as fresh air for the royal family when she married Harry at Windsor Castle in May 2018.

But in October last year the couple took part in their care after their marriage and Archie was born in May 2019.

They are alleviating negative coverage in the press and Harry is claiming that British tabloids had attempted a "ruthless" and "malicious" attempt to vilify his wife.

Online and television debate has been declining since Wednesday was racist tabloid coverage for the two bananas.

– Find funding – t

Sussexes is one of the key issues to be resolved. Five percent of the couple's income comes from public funds.

The remainder comes from Charles' private inheritance of the British Duchy of Charles. It officially reported assets worth £ 1.1 billion ($ 1.4 billion, € 1.3 billion).

"What should a semi-royal person do? Should they endorse certain commercial products at the expense of other commercial products?", Added by royal biographer Robert Hardman.

"Are they a priority for their shareholders, directors, or Queen?"

British police meet the couple's security costs.

Apart from Britain, Queen Elizabeth is the Canadian state head and 14 other countries.

The Canadian government has not yet decided to accept the security costs when Harry and Meghan are in Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Monday.

Hardman said that the history showed that the royal family are always returning.

"It's going a thousand years, it's tough, tough the monarch," he told AFP. "It is difficult times ahead but it remains to be seen and worse."


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