Harry Potter Mod in Elden Ring eases wait time for Hogwarts Legacy

The (hopefully) epic adventure Hogwarts Legacy will have to wait until the end of the year. But now there is a remedy if impatience is slowly eating you up. All you need is the game Elden Ring and the associated Harry Potter Mod. And now you can conjure your way through the world of Elden Ring and even on one as the most powerful magic student at Hogwarts, Harry Potter himself Nimbus 2000 horse riding.

Harry Potter is not the first mod for Elden Ring

But it’s one that fits the setting really well. Even if Harry looks like you stretched your neck a little too long. So you can clearly see Daniel Radcliffe in his mousy gray clothes wand swing. (Not what you’re thinking right now, get your thoughts out of the gutter you piglets) This animation looks paired with the spells in Elden Ring, actually very well done. Which is hard to say about riding the Nimbus 2000. But nobody’s perfect.

Next to the Harry Potter Mod for Elden Ring, other figures from pop culture have already made it into the game. Of the Master Chief from Halo or also Link from the Legend of Zelda series. But my two personal favorites would be without a doubt Darth Maul with double lightsaber and of course Darth Vader highly personal. Even if it looks very weird when Lord Vader hits opponents with his bare fists, you can sink him into the lava in proper style.

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