Harry stabbed William cruelly

Harry’s book will undermine the reputation of the British royal family even more than previously expected, and what’s more, according to experts, it may cause such damage to the family that peace will become almost impossible between the parties after the publication of the memoir.

Storm clouds are approaching

Fans of the British royal family really don’t have to wait long for Harry’s announced book, as it turned out that the prince’s memoir will hit the shelves on January 10, 2023 under the title Spare. The strange choice of name bodes ill for the members of the family, as the title of the publication means “reserve” in Hungarian, which refers to Harry’s role in the royal family. It is well known that the prince felt neglected in the family since his childhood, even his own mother, Diana, called her son this funny epithet, since the duchess was also aware of the position of her youngest child: Károly’s wife knew that Harry would probably never become king, and Elizabeth, and Károly treated the young prince accordingly, who was quickly made aware that for the family he was nothing more than a backup should anything happen to Vilmos, whom he would be able to replace in the event of the heir to the throne’s death. Fortunately, this did not happen, but Harry grew up with this awareness, which seems to have left a very deep wound in the prince, since he also chose the insulting nickname as the title of his book. Incidentally, the story of Spare begins after the death of Princess Diana and follows Harry’s journey all the way to the point where he and his wife left the ties of the British royal family. Well, it is well known that the memoir has already stirred up a lot of dust in Great Britain, especially in the palace, even before its publication, since Károly, Vilmos and Kamilla are also worried about what embarrassing family matters and secrets Harry will reveal in the memoir, however, according to experts, this may be just the beginning, as the prince has already humiliated and trampled his brother Vilmos to the ground with the title…

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